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The “fun” bonus is coming

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Here comes the unexpected new bonus. Let’s see together how and who can take advantage of this very beneficial discount and under what circumstances!

Our country, and therefore each of us, find ourselves living in a very difficult historical era economically, and therefore we often talk about rewards that can help us make ends meet as much as possible.

Fun Bonus (

Yet prices have gone up on anything and everyone, even those that used to be factored into one Prosperous economic situationNow they are in serious trouble.

I also became difficult to buy basic needsLike the supermarket shopping activity: products increase in price Thus one is always in dire need of it Discounts and offers.

not to mention Invoices Now that we’re in the winter and we’re going to need to heat and double the electricity, gas and everything else, so, Utilities will increase in turn.

What is the next new bonus?

the new rewards We are talking about in this article coming from Ministry of Culture and he facilitation which consists of sMovie ticket bill.

Due to price hike, Covid19 pandemic and many other reasons, lately The Cinemas are emptydespite the interesting programming of next movie.

Precisely for this reason, the new Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangioliano promoted to “Movie Bonus” To encourage citizens to return to the cinema to enjoy a good movie. With the new cinema reward, the ticket price will not exceed i 4 euros.

How to get a cinema bonus

Discount can be applied to tickets with A An amount not exceeding 6-7 eurosin this case it is condition You will submit a contribution The manager equals the amount 3 eurosso the ticket will not exceed the cost of 4 euros.

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Therefore, the reward programmed by the Ministry of Culture targets all citizens who will receivedigital identity. In fact, to take advantage of the discount, you must have it SPID.

New bonus (source canva)
New bonus (source canva)

So, to use the bonus, you need to create a sign in on your own digital identity system And from there it will be generated QR codes which will correspond to coupon who will have one Limited period.

as he says Minister SangiulianoAll cinemas should have custom systems to read the coupon in question, so you must show the QR code as soon as you arrive in front of the cinema’s box office to get it discount.

Are you ready to go back to the cinemas and enjoy a good movie on those cold winter evenings?

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