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The story of a cocky and impulsive warrior –

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From Stefania Olivi

The TV series, which chronicles events that occurred thousands of years before Frodo, will be released on Amazon on Friday, September 2

Five years of work, five years of seasons in the pipeline, with a budget of close to a billion dollars. the Lord of the Rings. rings of strength, the most ambitious TV series ever, arriving on Prime Video Amazon starting September 2. A prequel to the popular trilogy, set thousands of years before the events narrated by J.R.R. Tolkien in his story. The fourth most-read book of all, after the Bible, is Mao’s Little Red Book and the Qur’an, to which Jeff Bezos, an Iron Tolkien, obtained the rights (along with the rights of the hobbit) in 2017.

We are in the second era of Middle-earth history. An age in which ruin seems to be a memory and in which the peoples who inhabit it – the elves, the dwarves, the mortals of the kingdom of Nemenor, the Belbidi, and the ancestors of the nomadic hobbits – live together in peace. The only one without harmony, the only one who remembers the wounds (Morgoth killed her beloved brother), suspects that evil is forever unbeatable, and that his servant Swaron prepares, and, as it will already happen, prepares to return further. Stronger than ever, Gladrill. This is Morfydd Clark, the Welsh actress who has the most difficult task of the big actors, having inherited, but in a much smaller version, the character whom Cate Blanchett entrusted to the history of cinema in the film version of the Peter Jackson trilogy, to whom he also signed the three films based on the hobbit. Together, they made nearly $6 million. And the result of this series will say a lot about the future of broadcasting platforms, after the success of the first episode of Dragon Houseprequel to Game of thronesHbo branded.

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Lucky to have these movies reference, thanks to Cate Blanchett I can see how my character has evolved Written by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona with Wayne Chi Yip and Charlotte Brundstrom, said the actress who presented the series. But for all of us, the starting point was Tolkien’s books Silmarillion, He was released after his death. I’ve never read it, I just drowned in it. Not just to get to know Galadriel but in general to understand what it was like to live in Middle-earth during the Second Age. I also took the audiobook, every night I felt like entering this world. The confrontation with Blanchett frightens her but not so much, as if she was a different character, she says. I believe that the wisdom and calmness of Galadriel in the Third Age does not belong to her yet, but rather will come from the realization that mistakes have been made in the past. I am young Galadriel, naive, and at the same time cocky and impulsive. A warrior who does not know the limits of his knowledge, does not intend to stop. She is also advised by other elves (and above all, King Jill Gladd played Benjamin Walker).

For her, as for everyone, it is a long physical preparation work. And not only. As a bilingual – as Sweden-born Clark explained – I also found myself at ease cindarins, The language that Tolkien invented, the first season will be filmed in New Zealand, and the second will be in Great Britain. In the second, the first two episodes arrive, then one every Friday. It will be understood if the orphans of Frodo and Gollum, fans will be willing to embrace the series with the same enthusiasm dedicated to the movies, to be excited to create the nineteen episodes of The Force. Creators and producers ensure that every art license—narrative hubs, and new characters like Elf Arondir (Puerto Rican actor Ismail Cruz Cardova)—that they have had Tolkien’s royal blessing, are in the author’s groove. The word goes to the audience.

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