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Free Xbox Games Officially Announced –

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Microsoft officially announced i Games with gold From September 2022: I free games Available to subscribers Xbox Live Gold In the next few days they will be:

  • Gods Will Fall, downloaded September 1-30
  • Double Kick Heroes, download from September 16 to October 15
  • Thrillville, downloaded September 1-15th
  • Portal 2, downloadable September 16-30

After Games With Gold in August, with Calico and ScourgeBringer, the subscription service from Microsoft is preparing to engage us in an extraordinary adventure of Valve action puzzles and with the creepy Clever Beans dungeon, but not only.

Capable of selling four million copies at launch, Portal 2 undoubtedly stands as the highlight of the new lineup: “An amazing, amazing adventure in which you must use your wits, not your weapons.”

“It is set in a kind of horror house of evil science. Once again, you will have to face an opponent called GLaDOS, who is a crazy and genius artificial intelligence at the same time, and you will have to do it with an experimental device to open the gates.”

“Breach the laws of physics in ways you’d never have dared to imagine, in a puzzle-packed game featuring a story that can be played solo or multiplayer.”

Gods will fall, fight sequence

Instead, the gods will watch us fall in the face of “the colossal trials of a band of daring warriors desperately trying to free humanity from the ruthless clutches of the gods.”

“Having endured the ferocity of the Divine Sovereign for too long, any man or woman who can repair a weapon will be called upon to join your clan, made up of eight Celtic survivors, to challenge the hordes of terrifying beasts and servants that inhabit every kingdom… Infernal Gods.”

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Finally, Double Kick Heroes and Thrillville are respectively a curious rhythmic shooter and a theme park simulator classic for the original Xbox.

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