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There is no need to “chase” it will be enough to boost this sector. Apart from Brahim, we need a footballer in the 24 Hours squad

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Let us try to imagine, together, the heart of the confrontation – the debate between Giorgio Forlani, on his return from Dubai, and Stefano Pioli, on his return from Lecce and from that sentence (“Injuries?, it can’t be just”). Unfortunately, they are starting to become too many technicians. In addition to the diagnostics, both parties must immediately agree on the solutions to be adopted for the extremely delicate file. Here guessing the behavior of one or the other becomes more complicated. Stefano Pioli has been working with the same employees for years (This may be a limitation for all employees), however he is not the type to stick to old patterns, on the contrary he is very inclined to try new techniques, new ideas and above all to discover new frontiers.But in this particular case it must be We immediately distinguish between two aspects: Is it just physical preparation or measures aimed at avoiding injuries? Because they are two classes that are intertwined but respond to different behaviors and training sessions. And on a final note: As it turns out, the medical staff is outside of this discussion. Once you have decided which branch to work in, you should Stefano Pioli has to decide: whether to change the manager or whether to integrate new specialists into the staff. The third method – wholesale confirmation without any changes – I do not think it is useful. For him and for his work above all. In the meantime, there is another chapter to face This falls on the responsibility of the company’s president, Giorgio Forlani. This is to start preparing now to expand the sector because these days the staff is being prepared for the coming seasons by communicating and signing contracts, in short, planning for the near future by thinking about the staff formula for all seasons (understood here as a coach).

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Not just Ibra – As a follow-up to the discussion on injuries, it will be necessary to solve another problem whose weight has been felt very dramatically. I am referring to the absence of the football man, that is, from the football culture and background, who is “stuck” with the team at any time of the day or night, during the trips to Milanello. Everyone knows that already in Naples and then in Lecce, the team appeared without top managers because they were busy with other institutional tasks (in Dubai, in China, abroad to see the footballers in January or June 2024). This rules out the expected arrival of Ibrah because the Swede will have the role of personal advisor to Jerry Cardinale. Zlatan is not the type of person who can spend the whole day at Milanello after training or traveling with the team because he has other business to take care of. Here too we need to act now, do some reconnaissance, make a selection if necessary, but we need to find a figure who will act as a link between Milanello, the team and the club management.

Tags I read statistics about Milan’s yellow and red cards and was surprised. But not at all because I followed some “deserved” bookings, especially for the protests of Theo Hernandez for example, such as the red card given to Giroud in Lecce because the Frenchman received a two-match ban for free. But this statistic, in addition to highlighting the different treatment received compared to other champions of the tournament who usually protest in a public and frequent manner, serves to reflect an American ownership that – like that of Roma – is sensitive to the development of diplomatic relations with the different souls of the Football Association. We need to get our hands dirty, dear friends in Milan. As do other most influential CEOs.

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