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Did Phil Spencer spend nearly 200 hours on it in two weeks? –

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Vampire survivors is gaming’s new drug, anyone who’s tried just one of Poncle’s great indie games can confirm that statement very well, but this game seems to have hit hard Phil Spencer, Head of Xboxwhich seems to have passed approx 200 hours per game in the past two weeks.

The numbers come directly from Phil Spencer’s Xbox account, according to reports from Microsoft TrueAchievement websitewhich tracks users based on official gamertag data on Xbox servers.

However, one might think that it is a Error: 193 hours in two weeks is more than 10 hours of gaming per day and honestly, even considering Phil Spencer’s great passion for video games, it’s hard to think that a Microsoft CEO in his high position could spend that much time gaming.

It’s true that Vampire Survivors sort of is Eddy It’s hard to get out of it if you get into its mechanism, but we tend to think it’s a problem of figuring out actual hours played, perhaps related to using the title in the cloud through mobile platforms or using counting the app open in the background.

Obviously, the question did not fail to elicit entertaining comments as we read NeoGAF Forum. There is now someone to explain why there won’t be any big first-party titles at the end of 2022, considering the head of Microsoft Gaming is busy all his days on Vampire Survivors, and who links this Spencer hyperactivity to Poncle with the seemingly negative progress in the Activision acquisition case. Blizzard is in antitrust, because it doesn’t have time to keep up, having to settle over and over again.

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Obviously joking, but up to a point, because Vampire Survivors should be approached in moderation, as we also inform in our review.

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