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Press Release: The Opus - The next level of The Secret?

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The Secret was undoubtedly one of the best selling personal development books of all time. In the wake of it's success it left many unanswered questions, especially in the mind of critics. Is this new Age invitation to higher thinking practical, responsible and effective? This film featuring the return of many of the cast delivers those answers and so much more!

PRESS RELEASE by Stan Romero


It's not a secret anymore: The Next step has arrived.

From Vision To Plan To Performance.

The new motivational self help film has had its debut and the results are in. The Opus screened to sold out audiences in Canada and rave reviews. The two screenings in both Calgary and Edmonton had over 1500 and 1000 people in attendance respectively. Since those screenings internet blogs have been a buzz with thoughts from attendees like "This is the greatest personal development film ever." "More practical tools than any other movie," and "This film actually gave me the stuff needed to change my life." (Google "The Opus Movie" and you'll get a taste of what I mean.)

Producer, director and motivational speaker Douglas Vermeeren is pleased. But feels the project isn't yet where we would like to see the finished product. "There are still a few things I would like to tighten up and tweak before we get to Chicago on May 1." May 1st, 2008 is slated to be the official US premiere of the film, although the film will be screening for another sold out audience in Las Vegas later this month. "May 1st is a special day for us as it will be the first time we can share the film with the US public. And many of our cast, crew and speakers will be present for Chicago."

Critics and laymen alike agree that this film is definitely the practical answer that everyone has been looking for since the 2006 release of the new age advice film The Secret. An internet Blogger who identified himself as "Jacob L. said it this way: "The Opus is by far the best personal development movie ever. For the first time we have a film that delivers instead of just playing around with abstract ideas and non sense concepts. The Opus is practical, informative, entertaining, powerful and effective."

And I wholeheartedly agree.

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For information and tickets for the Chicago event or an Opus screening near you call 1.866.777.9496

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