November 30, 2023

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Microsoft and Nware have signed a 10-year cloud deal in Europe

Microsoft and Nware have signed a 10-year cloud deal in Europe

Microsoft Not discontinued, relaunched: The company has signed on Ten year agreement with noira European cloud platform that will see the arrival of Xbox games for PC in the streaming catalog, possibly including those produced by Activision Blizzard.

In short, after the sensational ban on the UK’s Activision takeover, Redmond is betting on itEurope And the relevant committee, which has not yet announced the significant transaction and can naturally express a different opinion than that of the UK antitrust.

The strategy is clear: sign on More agreements to convince the European regulator that Microsoft wants to bring its games to as many platforms as possible, rather than making them exclusives meant to be played only on Xbox.

Microsoft and European cloud platform Nware have signed a ten-year agreement for Stream PC games created by Xboxas well as the titles produced by Activision Blizzard once the acquisition is completed,” reads the statement from President Brad Smith.

“while The cloud industry is still in its infancyThis new partnership, along with our recent commitments, will ensure that even more great games are available on cloud platforms than today. “

It’s a surprisingly enthusiastic statement from Brad Smith, who said he was very disappointed in the UK after the CMA blocked the Activision takeover.

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