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Forgot passwords? Don’t write them down on your smartphone or on paper notes: that way you can get them back without recreating them from scratch

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Can’t find one of the millions of generated passwords anymore? Now you no longer need to write them down in a notebook or on your smartphone.

Sooner or later, it has happened to everyone who has had to log in and not be able to remember the password that was chosen for it.account. Indeed, nowadays we need accounts for practically everything, and therefore we also need passwords that allow us to access them. If they are applications that we use frequently, the risk of forgetting them is low, for those that we open only when necessary, it often happens that we have no idea which keyword was chosen.

How to recover forgotten passwords –

To solve the problem I browsers (All Browsers) Allows the user to save login credentials. This is certainly an advantage for those who always use the same device to connect to the Internet, but it is a problem for those who have to access from a different device and browser than usual. This habit, in fact, allows you to forget your login credentials more easily.

Several people who can solve the problem write down the different passwords on a piece of paper, in a file notebook or on smart phones. This is certainly a good habit, but also an insecure way to store passwords. This way, in fact, they are readily available to anyone who owns your phone or laptop.

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How to recover forgotten passwords without complicating your life

There is an easier and more effective solution and it is offered by Google. Anyone with a smartphone uses their Google Account to navigate and set up their phone. So, if we decide to save our passwords on the account in question, even if we lose the phone or need to log in on another device, we just need to log into the account to log in with the saved credentials.

Content Builder Luigi’s advice Show to their followers at Tik Tok Also an alternative way to sign in to a Google account. If you have an iPhone, for example, just go to the app in question, tap the logo with your first letter on it (or on the profile picture if you entered it) and tap Password. A list of all the passwords that you have saved on your Google account will open.

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Obviously, this advice only applies to those who have saved passwords on their Google account. If you’ve saved passwords in Chrome but did so without signing into your account, you won’t find the passwords.

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