Home science Formia / In the exhibition space “Zingolene” in Maranola, installation “Antro Rituale” by Pino Genovese

Formia / In the exhibition space “Zingolene” in Maranola, installation “Antro Rituale” by Pino Genovese

Formia / In the exhibition space “Zingolene” in Maranola, installation “Antro Rituale” by Pino Genovese

Formia – Nilo Zingolen exhibition space in Maranola on Via San Luca 15, Artart Cultural Association and Carlo Di MeoUnder the auspices of the Municipality of Formia and in cooperation with Seminaria, Salamandrina and the Municipal Art Gallery of Gaeta; Sunday February 25, 2024 at 11 am “Installation submission”ritual cave” For the artist Genoese pine. In what is supposed to be a “sacred place”, rituals can be celebrated. The ceremony directed by the performance work is in fact a “break and continuity” with previous generations
And those who seek continuity.

“Opportunity is emerging A mysterious part of existence, an ancient or “sacred” part associated with the Earth, devoid of the superstructure of rational and educated existence. Reclaiming the forces that connect us to nature in a profound way. Religion, the sacred, mystery, passion for the unknown, imitation of the inaccessible divinity of nature and life. Immersion in inner reality, where space and time differ from visible reality, running parallel and seemingly without a rule, is embodied in this performative expression, closest to primitive spiritual mythology, because it also comes from the methodology of contemplative work. Read the event forecast note.

“The characters, like the snake catcher and the silver-haired woman, come from a somewhat primitive world and coexist with nature, the principle of survival and magic. In this apparent chaos of shortcomings and desires, the encounter between the sexes, the gesture of love, can coalesce into a fusion that can generate a single entity, a cosmic union that exists and identifies with the universe. You can go to their shop, to their “ritual den” every day and feel that connection, looking at the artefacts that have been prepared, created by the hunter, sewn, assembled, restored, carved, preserved” – we read further.

He concludes: “ The cloak skins are almost all real, coming from other previous craftsmen, They have always served to protect themselves from the cold in order to survive and now they have transformed and appear in their beauty. Today this seems unthinkable. The extermination of animals, poaching, and undeserved use often done for personal pleasure or to use unexpected healing properties, makes us see it differently. But still In the balance of our lives there is a need for this relationship with animals with whom we must learn to live and we have forgotten this; We are no longer capable of it as a snake catcher does, and we do not understand its value or its power.”

The installation will open with Performance by artists Pino Genovese and Marina Ciarelli. Marina Ciarelli is a film and theatrical costume designer and they have collaborated together professionally for many years in addition to being husband and wife. The ANTRO RITUAL installation will be open from 25 February to 26 May 2024, from 9.30am to 6.00pm.


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