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Do you feel like you are not alone, but are you? Science can explain this strange feeling

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The science behind the sense of ‘invisible presence’: How research has sought to explain this phenomenon through historical studies and modern understanding of the mind and body

Have you ever felt this strange feeling? Perceiving an invisible presence in the roomEven though I was convinced I was alone? These sensations, described as an invisible presence, can be very profound, to the point of prompting those who experience them to share them.

In fact, many people struggle to to understand What really happened, especially in the absence of clear explanations. Despite their fleeting nature, modern scientific studies attempt to frame these experiences in light of psychological and neurological theories.

already exists 1894The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) has published “Statistics of Hallucinations.” This survey, of more than 17,000 people in the UK, US and Europe, aims to understand how common it is for people to make seemingly impossible visits that predict death. SPR studies concluded that such experiences were Too frequent to be random.

In addition, in 1886, the journal SPR published “Living Ghosts,” a collection of 701 cases of telepathy, premonitions, and other unusual phenomena. For example, Rev. B. H. Newnham, originally from Devonport, Plymouth, shared an incident that occurred during a trip to New Zealand.

One night, one night A mysterious presence He warned him not to go on a boat trip scheduled for the next morning. It was later discovered that everyone who made this journey had tragically drowned. Despite criticism, these experiences continue to exist in homes around the world, and contemporary science offers insights into understanding them.

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The mind-body connection and the “feeling” of being

Many of the incidents collected by SPR appear to fall into a categoryhypnosisThat is, hallucinatory experiences that occur on the edge of sleep. It has been hypothesized that many religious visions in the 19th century may have arisen from hypnosis and may have had a special relationship to… sleep paralysis: During these attacks, although the mind is awake, the body remains still, often generating a sense of a malevolent presence.

Sleep paralysis, although painful, may have a scientific explanation: simultaneous waking Weak state A can be activated Defense mechanism From our brain, immobility is interpreted as a threat, and leads to the perception of aHostile entity. In fact, research has indicated that more than 50% of people who have suffered from this disorder report suffering from it. Whereas Victorian presences were often benign or reassuring, modern examples tend to radiate malevolence.

Neurological studies and brain experiments have shown that presence can be just that Caused by physical stimuli. In 2006, neurologist Arzi month His colleagues were able to create a “shadow shape” in a woman by electrically stimulating a specific part of her brain. These results suggest that the brain is trying to do just that Logical To abnormal sensations, which leads us to Realizing an invisible presence.

Moreover, Professor 2022 research Ben Alderson-DayHe, from Durham University, attempted to find similarities between various clinical reports, spiritual practices and extreme sports, which are known to trigger… HallucinationsIncluding the sense of invisible presence. In many of these situations, the episodes were strikingly similar. The science of felt presence, despite its centuries-old origins, is just beginning. In the end, we may discover one explanation or need several theories to explain all these examples of existence.

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