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Press Release: Two moms set out to help moms around the world!

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Two moms tell all: a new real, honest, and fun parenting TV show.

The Story

Indigogo Campaign Press Release (01/10/2015) - Vanessa and Melissa are two passionate, inspired and crazy at times, moms, that love to chat about all things parenting. Their journey together started out as Co-Hosts on a local parenting TV show that they created, wrote, directed, and produced covering all things related to parenting. As they continue on their own parenting paths, they are constantly struck by all the information parents are expected to know and keep up to date with while keeping a full time job, managing a home, managing their kids extra curricular lives; while trying to stay fit, making yummy dinners every night, and be good partners, and don't forget being happy and looking good while doing it all. Really?! That's where Vanessa & Melissa come in.

Our mission is to provide all the most up to date information on subjects that matter to parents. While also covering the hard topics, like postpartum depression, miscarriages, infertility, autism, and so much more. But let's not forget the amazing stuff like, sex after kids, mommy night outs, beautiful milestones, nutrition, birthing, and again the list is endless.

As moms, both Vanessa and Melissa have experienced their own highs and lows. Melissa openly talks about her struggles with and overcoming postpartum depression, as well as her difficulties with breastfeeding. While Vanessa often shares about her experiences as a motherless mom, having lost her own mother at the young age of 11. But along with the rough, hard topics, there's also the fun, light hearted amazing stuff. These 2 moms love what they do, and they want to keep talking, sharing, connecting, and unraveling the important topics like IVF, same sex parenting, transgender children, and sex after marriage. As a dynamic duo Vanessa & Melissa approach the reality of parenting with the hard truth, but bring a light and hope through laughter, honesty and their love of parenting.

To help support their cause, and bring these topics to main stream media, Vanessa & Melissa have set out an Indegogo campaign to help fund the project, but more importantly to increase public awareness across North America, of the need for these important topics to be covered.

"We believe that being a parent is the most incredible gift, but one of the most challenging jobs. This inspired us to start Diapers & Lipgloss, as a trusted resource and support for moms, dads, and caregivers. We also love a good time, and laughter will always play a big role in Diapers & Lipgloss. We seek funding to continue to film and produce our content to share with moms, dads, and caregivers. Our mission is to be the #1 North American parenting show for the millennial mom / parent, by providing the best resources, experts, information and entertainment for this generation."


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