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Gasoline and Diesel Prices The Draghi government is about to intervene: what will change

Gasoline and Diesel Prices The Draghi government is about to intervene: what will change

Petrol and Diesel Prices The Draghi government is about to intervene: what will change? Continuous increases forced the executive branch into the field

Electricity, gas and fuel bills will be reduced even in this difficult period. Another €3.3 billion of public funds was allocated for the intervention.

Gasoline and diesel prices (AnsaFoto)

crisis Ukraineincrease in oil price, ban for Russiastop at Gas from Moscow. A series of phrases that we have heard constantly in the past period that also shaped our daily lives. Yes, because the transient situation that was supposed to be momentary has become a very dangerous constant. increases in fuel prices It can’t leave Italian families quiet as they find it increasingly difficult to make it to the end of the month. Precisely because of this and the expected continuous increases, the Draghi government Willing to step in to cool down prices in these summer months.

In the last cabinet a decree was issued proposing Allocating $3.27 billion in aid between now and the end of September. Most of them will have to serve a General Operators Warranty Those who buy gas at high prices and for storage before winter.

To finance this intervention, it will be necessary to introduce a new tax, at a yet-to-be-determined rate, on additional profits for those importing gas at lower prices than selling. It will be introduced from July 1 and will be valid until March 31, 2023. The contribution will be returned to the companies who must then go at a loss.

Gasoline and diesel prices enter the Draghi government: all the details of the new decree

fuel prices
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Based on the last decree, the abolition of system fees for electricity, both for households and for non-domestic users, was confirmed, With a power of up to 16.5 kW. Additionally it is customized Reduce VAT to 5% on gas. Regarding the latter, the general fee rates are then cooled down with earmarked funding from 240 million euros. This will especially correspond to those who consume less than 5 thousand cubic meters per year. Then there is still a moratorium on increases in electricity and gas bills for those who have I see less than 12 thousand euros a year.

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Going to deepen what is the text set by the government, there is no trace of interventions to lower the price fuel, is now back strongly above 2 euros. However, the family minister Bonetti He stressed that there will be a special decree to extend it Reduce production tax by 30 cents Already in effect (it is also believed that it can be made more uniform).

The problem is that, in the meantime, there is a risk of a return to the prices seen at the distributor last March, with peaks of 2.5 euros per liter. The hope is that we quickly agree to all steps and that the geopolitical situation does not get worse.