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Spring 1: Monza – Cagliari 2-4 – Associazione Calcio Monza SpA

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The match between Monza and Cagliari ends with a score of 2-4, and is a match valid for the sixth day of the tournament, and will be held at the Luigi Berlusconi Sports Stadium – Monzello.

The hosts start the match well, but the first big chance of the match goes to Cagliari. In the seventh minute, Vinciguerra made a quick start at the start of the second half from the left flank and first passed to Kassama, then beat Mazza and broke the deadlock.

The Rossoblu team, on the wings of enthusiasm, came close to doubling the lead three minutes later: Konate received the cross and headed the ball, but Mazza made a wonderful save.

The red and white team reacted, but in the 24th minute, Vinciguera shone, punishing the defense and scoring two personal goals.

Monza comes back forward with strength, determination and courage. In the 33rd minute, Ferraris created a perfect example of a free-kick from the edge of the penalty area: Iliev first avoided the goal, then on the rebound, was blocked by Lubinetti, ready to put the ball into the net.

In the 43rd minute, the home team came close to equalizing. Maras looks from the right side and finds Jovi in ​​the area, but his header ends up to the right of the post.

At the end of the first half of the match, Ferraris tried again to execute a free kick, but this time the ball reached high over the crossbar.

At the beginning of the second half, Cagliari scored the third goal, and in the ninth minute, Konate removed Mazza from the penalty kick and scored a hat-trick.

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The red and white team believes this and goes back to attacking, forcing their opponents to raise the wall and defend themselves in their own half of the field.

In the 25th minute, Monza’s hopes were diminished: Lubinetti hit Maras’ cross into the net with his right foot and began the comeback process.

The challenge returns again, and while the red and white teams continue to chase the equalizer, the mockery arrives in the 45th minute. At the beginning of the second half, Ashour finished the training session and scored the fourth goal.

In the next round, Sunday 22 October, at 3.00pm, Monza will face Empoli.

Monza-Cagliari: 2-4

Scorers: 7′, 24′ Vinciguerra (CAG), 33′ point, 25′ Saint Lubinetti (Mon), 9′ penalty. Konate (CAG), 45 Ashour Street (CAG)

Monza: Mazza, Colombo, Del Acqua, Lubinetti, Maras, Jovi (Beretta 14 minutes), Casama, Fernandes, Ferraris, Brujarillo, Caggia (Zubi 30 minutes, Nene 18 minutes). Available: Bifolco, Bagnacci, Ravelli, Arbino, Martins, Gibron, Nene, Graziano, Capuloppo. Coach: Alessandro Lopi

Cagliari: Iliev, Arba, Idrissi, Paulina (Carbone, 21st minute), Cadio (Balde, 40th minute), Cogoni, Malfitano (Conte, 36th minute), Vinciguerra (Ashour, 36th minute), Catena, Konate (Motandua, 21st minute). ). ), Marcolini. Available: Wodziki, Pintos, Soulive, Franke, Pasquale, Casali. Coach: Fabio Pisacani

Cards: Cadeo (CAG), Kagia (MON), Zobi (MON), Baldi (CAG), Conte (CAG), Maras (MON), Mazza (MON), Dell’Acqua (MON)

Fired: Nene (MON)

Referee: Mr. Emanuele Frascaro (Mr. Marco Matteo Barberis – Mr. Marco Colliani)

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