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Earth in a Hurry, Worried Scientists: What’s Happening (Really)

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A few seconds before midnight but potentially crucial. The Earth is accelerating the rotation and this could be a problem. It is also.

One of the basic principles of astronomy concerns the motion of our planet. This rotation on itself which, by resisting the sun first with one and then the other hemisphere, allows the alternation of day and night.

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The motion, along with the so-called motion of revolution (that is, the Earth’s orbit around the star), forms the basic principle of any study of the astronomical field. For this reason, scientists take into account the regularity of the daily course of the Earth. Not surprisingly, regime change, albeit insignificant, raises many concerns. In fact, this is not a new watch. In fact, as of 2016 experts shed light on Specifically on the rotational motion of the Earth which, apparently, had undergone an unexpected acceleration. They are marked so that they can be traced back to improvisational causes. Above all, it is very clear that it has no direct consequences for our daily lives in the long run.

At the moment, catastrophic scenarios such as the reversal of day and night do not loom large. However, some differences seem quite noticeable. For example, last June 29 was the shortest day ever (that is, since the measurement was made by scientists, around the 1960s). One-thousandth issue: 1.59 milliseconds in advance From midnight, to be exact. This means that no human on earth has actually realized this change. Moreover, it is not easily explained even by scientists themselves, not sure of the causes of this phenomenon.

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The Earth is accelerating, the days shorten and midnight approaches: what can change

On the astronomers’ table there is a little bit of everything: from a possible tidal change to the core, to the end, of course, with the direct consequences of atmospheric pollution and global warming, such as the melting of the polar ice caps. Particular emphasis was placed on Chandler Wobble, or “Chandler wobble.” In this sense, it would be a phenomenon known due to the very shape of the Earth. Or rather, her incomplete card. one factor It causes microscopic but crucial changes The axis of rotation, about 3-4 meters from the North Pole. A phenomenon that can happen more and more often, so much so that it has advanced the hypothesis that Earth clocks update by at least one second (we subtract them from the time it would theoretically take the Earth to take its turn).

However, there is another worrying factor. The effect of any modification, albeit infinitesimal, of rotational motion on the IT systems of industry giants. Since this is an extremely rare event, it is difficult to determine the true impact on different servers. However, it is clear that the software relies on different timers or schedules, especially at night, They can get quite annoyed through the acceleration of the Earth’s rotation. However, those who manage hardware infrastructures may face unintended consequences. In short, an image in the pipeline but it is already very luxurious with potential problems. Widespread of course. If not very wide.

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