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Callisto Protocol, an update that improves combat, performance and localization –

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Callisto protocol Receive Modernization which improves Combat, performance and localization In all versions of the game developed by Striking Distance Studio, which once again wanted to thank the users for the feedback it received.

As we reported, the Callisto Protocol for PC was a disaster at launch and received a bunch of negative reviews on Steam, but Glen Schofield and his collaborators are once again working hard to fix it. Problems Reported on different platforms.

“new Modernization Available on all platforms,” reads Striking Distance Studio’s post. It introduces improvements related to combat, performance, stability, localization improvements, and general quality of life changes. We are listening to your feedback and thank you, and more updates will follow.”

Let’s hope that the patch, which seems to be around 12GB in weight, can finally fix the flaws also related to Italian dubbing of the Callisto protocol, which is often out of sync and/or messed up due to completely stopped volume levels, making some dialogue unintelligible.

We covered this and more in our Callisto Protocol review.

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