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Franco Nero, age, work, film, Vanessa Redgrave, children: who is the actor

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Franco Nero can be proud of a career that spanned half a century, earning him the nickname “Italian Clint Eastwood”

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A career full of success, which allowed him to act in more than 150 films, as well as about 50 television works and dozens of short films. This is Franco Nero, who can boast of a long relationship with Sergio Corbucci, whom he often wanted to rely on in many of his works. One of the phrases the director uttered toward him is emblematic: “Ford had John Wayne, Leon had Clint Eastwood, de Franco Nero.”

Despite his success, he was never satisfied and often tried to show off his versatility. In his approach there are also some experiences as a director and others as a voice actor.

Franco Nero: Age and Occupation

Francesco Clemente Giuseppe Sparanero (that’s the name in the Franco Nero registry office) was born in Parma on November 23, 1941 and can be considered one of the most famous Italian interpreters even abroad. His passion for acting was born very early and prompted him to give up his studies to devote himself to it. This choice, which at the time seemed hasty, turned out to be correct.

She landed her first roles when she was only twenty, thanks to her beauty and her physical prowess as well, but the year that marks a turning point in her career is certainly 1966, a period when the heroine of one of her films is notable for “Django” where she is directed by Sergio Corbucci . Today the film is still considered a true landmark of the Italian West. It is no coincidence that Quentin Tarantino recently wanted her for his new version, titled “Django Unchained”.

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Popularity, even beyond our borders, came thanks to a real movie, “The Bible”, where he took on the role of Abel. However, in 1968, his dedication in the movie “A Quiet Place in the Country” arrived, along with the still love Vanessa Redgrave. However, the two met in ‘Camelot’, where Lancelot was, while Jennifer was.

There are also many thrillers in which he was the hero, such as “Day of the Owl”, “Il Delito Matteotti” and “Marcia Trionville”. Among his most important works of the 80s and 90s, we can instead mention “Querelle de Brest”, “The Young Toscanini” by Franco Zeffirelli, “Fratelli e sorelle” by Pupi Avati and “Jonathan degli Orsi”, for which he was also a writer and product.

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