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Ad / ventura Science Festival in progress: “Conventions” at the Center for the 2023 edition

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Sarah chords Theme of the XXIV edition Science Festival Announcement / VenturaWhich, with the general organization of the Scientific Director, Prof Rosa Le SassoThe principal of the school and the teacher Maria Grazia AngeliniIt starts tomorrow Campus of Mattioli High School in Vasto. for a whole week, From January 16 to 21, the festival will provide for the school and throughout the city a very dense and rich program consisting of conferences, conventions, exhibitions, performances and workshops, with guests of national importance, able to introduce students and not only a different approach and point of view on current and fascinating topics. An appointment organized in collaboration between Mattioli Liceale Polo and the VastoScienza Cultural Center for Science and Art, sponsored by the Municipality of Vasto and with the support of institutions and companies, and returns to the dissemination of scientific knowledge, in all its aspects, in the territory.

chord, to be tuned, from Latin Kor, CordisThis is the heart. from which they were derived DeceiveApproves, letterdisagree , exStolid, E course, crazy. But for the Latinos Cor It is not just the heart, but a term that extends to the soul, the mind. Thus, agreement is not only about the heart and feelings, but also about wisdom, common sense, and reason.

agreement, therefore, Yes, a harmony of feelings; But agreement is also the understanding between people, even of their differences, and opposites, who cleverly understand joining forces to achieve a common goal; It is the harmony that is created when three or more voices of the same key are played simultaneously; It is an agreement, an agreement between people, bodies, corporations, corporations, and governments; It is the correspondence between the subject and the predicate, between the noun and the adjective, the group that allows us to identify and relate them; It is the empty difference between the phases of the two harmonic movements, which causes the two movements to cancel each other out; It is in a canvas to be admired in a museum, apparently abstract, without borders or edges, which are nonetheless formed in a mixture of colors which join together, which fade into each other, or which are merged, or which are strengthened, though its inconsistency. in their harmonious contradiction.

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Thus, analyzing all the meanings that this word carries, The city will be inhabited by a chain of events Which, as it has been the case for years, in the spirit of the Festival, will lead to an overlap of disciplines, to the discovery of links, intersections and points of contact between science, art, music, literature and much more. without forgetting Student projectswho are wondering about the different meanings of the agreement and experimenting with a method for the school in which they are the protagonists and pioneers of research, and have tried their hand in recent weeks in creating videos, exhibitions, laboratories and science theatres, which they will present in the coming days.

An African proverb says:When the ants meet, they can move an elephantยป. And this applies not only to this version that will study the various types of conventions, but rather it represents the spirit of the festival, which every year, through the synergy between professors, students, guests and associations, and through the synergy of knowledgePolo Liceale Mattioli and Vasto make it a training ground for creativity and a physical and ideal place for one-week scientific reflection and research.where science, understood as knowledge, becomes not only something that can be learned in a memorabilia way, but a continuous, interesting and exciting discovery.

Simon de Miny
Mattioli’s Chronicles Editorial Staff

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