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Fantastic 4, Marvel Studios is already considering the perfect actress for the upcoming Sue Storm

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The expected new incarnation Fantastic Four Currently in production is one of the most significant projects Marvel Studios has put into production. In recent months, the topic of casting for the film has become one of the most controversial among fans, and the net of the prolonged silence of the pioneer seems to have now emerged interesting news about One of the most anticipated characters.

According to well-known and authoritative entry Jeff Snyder, the studio will have very clear ideas about the appearance of the new incarnation of at least one of the four heroes, specifically Sue Storm. This on specialization plans should have features similar to those of Dakota JohnsonAs the journalist himself confirmed:

We are looking for an actress in the age group Between 30 and 35 years oldand from what I understand, in the ideas of the studio, Dakota Johnson would be it The perfect model.

The actress is cited here as an example, but it is unclear if she could actually be considered for the role due to her recent involvement in Madame Web, one of the upcoming Sony Pictures films that will enrich the ranks of the Sony Spider-Man Universe. film director Matt Shakmanalready known for directing episodes of the series See WandaHowever, he confirmed in recent weeks that the selection process for the film is still in its preliminary stages and that nothing has been decided yet.

The script of the film will be written by Jeff Kaplan And Ian Springer. As for the film’s plot, Marvel Studios has confirmed that it won’t tell an origin story like previous Fox productions, and some fans have begun to speculate if the new iteration of the Silver Surfer may be somehow involved in the creation of the group’s powers. Considering how Marvel Studios is now navigating rewriting their characters’ origins for the big screen, the latter is still far from an unlikely premise.

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The new incarnation Fantastic Four will hit theaters in February 14, 2025.

what do you think? Who would you like to see as Sue Storm? Let us know in the comments!

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