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Blood Red, White and Blue: The Sequel is Official!

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Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez will be back on screen together for the Red, White & Blue Blood sequel, which is officially in production.

It was only a matter of time, but confirmation has finally arrived: Red, white and blue blood I will have her consequencesofficially in Action stage. A romantic comedy spread across the stream Prime Video During 2023, it became such an instant success that fans asked several times if a second chapter would be released. Nicholas Galitzine And Taylor Zakhar Perez. Both actors will return for the sequel, which is in development on Amazon MGM StudiosAs mentioned diverse. The project is irreplaceable Matthew Lopez, who actually directed and co-wrote the first hit. For the sequel, he will team up with Casey McQuistonauthor of the best-selling book on which the first film was based.

Blood Red, White and Blue: The sequel has been confirmed

The highly anticipated announcement by Red, White & Blue Blood fans has officially arrived following a special screening of the romantic comedy in Culver City, California. Following the success of the novel that was distributed in bookstores in 2019, the film made its way into the hearts of the public, and months after its debut, confirmation has finally arrived that a second film is in the works that will bring its heroes back into the world. the screen. there Plot It’s about two seemingly completely different personalities. On the one hand Son of the President of the United States of America, Alex Claremont Diaz. On the other hand British Prince HenryThird in line to the throne. At first they don’t seem to get along but they will quickly turn from enemies to lovers, discovering new overwhelming feelings that they will have to protect from the public’s attention towards them.

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Given the success of the first film, the sequel in the eyes of fans was not just a hypothesis but a certainty that had not yet been confirmed. Fortunately, that moment came, and the actors and directors loudly announced it after the special screening in California. So far, the official plot of the second part has not been announced and we don’t know which other members will return. Meanwhile, Amazon got involved Official poster From the announcement of the sequel.

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