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Are we alone in the universe? In Gat in Tradati there is talk of “mysterious signals from space.”

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The events continue “to coincide” with the 50th anniversary of the activity of GAT, the Tradatese astronomical group, born in 1974 following the famous alien message sent by the Arecibo radio telescope towards the M13 cluster.

Monday 6 May 2024 at 9 pm (Cine Grassi di Tradate) Giuseppe Bonacinathe historical collaborator of amateur astronomers from Tradatese, will hold a conference on the topic: Mysterious Signals in Space.

A very controversial topic concerns some signals picked up by radio telescopes that appear “unnatural” and are therefore attributed to possible extraterrestrial intelligence. In fact, with the increased sensitivity of current tools, we have reached approximately 4 million “suspicious” messages.
The fact is that the idea that earthlings were not the only inhabitants of the universe has interested philosophers and scientists since ancient times. This continues even today, with the discovery of several exoplanets that are potentially “habitable,” at least by our chemical, physical, and biological standards.

The hope is that, through the most advanced technical means available to us, in our own galaxy (the only spatio-temporal horizon accessible to humans), we can identify “biosignatures,” “technosignatures,” and evidentiary indicators (direct or indirect). Whether intentionally or unintentionally) the existence of alien life forms and intelligences.

The most famous and longest-lasting research is that of the SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), based on the reception of possible “abnormal” signals by an international network of radio telescopes. Among these, it remains the most famous and discussed Collected on August 15, 1977, so intense and unexpected that it went down in history as the “WOW Signal.” Despite alternating scientific and economic events, this research has been continuously active for more than 60 years, and has recently launched new projects.

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But it is unfortunate that the few abnormal signals have stopped so far “The Great Silence of the Galaxy,” there are “false positives.”It is a particularly insidious risk in this type of research, which is characterized by empirical ambiguity and strong expectations.
The stubborn absence of clear intentional signals seems to justify the so-called “Fermi Paradox.” In fact, in the 1950s, Enrico Fermi asked this interesting question: “If the universe is teeming with aliens, where are they all?” Many of the hypothesized galactic civilizations would actually be much older than our own, and thus would have had the technology and time to undertake interstellar travel, in person or remotely, out of curiosity or necessity.

Why didn’t they do that? But there are many solutions dedicated to this paradox The question remains very open. The truth is, to make sure that no one other than us inhabits the galaxy and wants to make it known, we still have a lot to do. Unless the restless search for other intelligent beings is due solely to the strong desire of earthlings not to be alone….

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