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Canada: Trudeau calls for special laws against truckers, but protests do not stop

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On January 23, a group of truck drivers arrived in Ottawa from various parts of Canada to protest the government’s crackdown on the Govt-19 epidemic. Since then, thousands of protesters have rallied, provoking the reaction of the administration led by Justin Trudeau, which announced on February 14. Purpose of application of emergency law, A rule authorizing the government to take special temporary measures “to ensure security during national emergencies and consequently change other laws”. Despite the desire to use the rule to get approval in parliament, protests in Ottawa do not seem to be stopping.

Group of truckers, renamed Independent convoy, On January 29 in the Canadian capital, in front of the Parliament building, asking workers not to apply for the vaccination duty to cross the border. The demonstration was joined by various groups with different demands, thus widening the protests against all the measures taken by the government against the epidemic. A week later, the protest took the form of a riot, with thousands of people on the street and “about 500 trucks associated with the protest in the Red Zone”, as well as Reported by police. Authorities have branded the protest a well-organized, unstable and dangerous occupation. Announces Utilizing all Ottawa resources to counter it. So the next day the capital Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency. As protests spread across the capital’s border, truckers got their first victory from Ontario: Prime Minister Doug Ford announced the arrival of the Govt Pass. Canceled March 1 in the Canadian province. The move was confirmed on Feb. 14, a day after the bridge connecting Ontario and Michigan reopened.‘Ambassador Bridge, Took place through the evacuation of the police. According to the company’s calculations, the days of occupation will be spent on the automotive industry Anderson Economic Group, $ 300 million. Meanwhile, the capital is paralyzed, with police chief Peter Sloli resigning and Trudeau announced on February 14. National General Emergency.

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L ‘Emergency Law This was accepted as the only example in peacetime: it was in 1970 and the current Prime Minister’s father, Pierre Trudeau’s government, was found to be managing the October crisis in Quebec. Technically, the action adopted in that case War Act, Replaced by the National Public Emergency in July 1988. The main difference Government compliance with the Charter of Canadian Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Charter of Rights, Despite the exclusive and exceptional specialties assigned to it. The possibility of regulating and restricting “any public meeting that could lead to a justifiable breach of the peace” includes going to and from certain areas and, in some cases, using private property (confiscation). This last move is in line with what has already happened in recent days under pressure from government officials and Ottawa police. Fundraising on GoFundMe blocked Helped truckers cover food, fuel and shelter costs. As a result, 10 million Canadian dollars (approximately 6 million euros) will be frozen and will have to be returned to donors in the coming weeks. TD Bank followed in the footsteps of the government by blocking two accounts in which $ 1.4 million was deposited in support of the protesters. However, for those who have been struggling for the past 3 weeks, these restrictions have not pushed back a portion of the population who continue to help in terms of meaning and comfort.

At the same time the message of seeking optionEmergency Law It did not seem to raise new concerns among the protesters, as convoy organizer Tamara Lich urged them to maintain their position. “It simply came to our notice then. We will keep the queue. Love always overcomes hatredHe said this at a press conference on Monday. Instead, Trudeau declared that he did not want to use the military, saying he was “not only preventing people from legally exercising their right to protest, but also strengthening the policies, values ​​and institutions that keep all Canadians free.”

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