September 21, 2023

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Volvo Mobility Trend Report 2022: The Case of Canada

Volvo Mobility Trend Report 2022: The Case of Canada

Volvo Recently published annual research results “Mobility Trend Report” referring to one of its leading markets Canada; Thanks to the data collected through this research, Volvo has the opportunity to study how the way a car is used, owned and managed is changing. Sustainable future. According to a statement released by Volvo, the increase Fuel price We’ve seen that influence in recent months 67% Among Canadians, a further 53% of these have reduced their daily use of a car to spend money. 12% started going in Bikes or on foot, 11% chose public transit or carpooling; To escape the insane prices at the petrol pump, only 5% were able to switch to an electric or hybrid car.

2022 Volvo Mobility Trend Report

Another aspect was considered Mobility Trend Report 2022 Linked to Volvo’s spread Brilliant work: Today 55% of Canadians have returned to work permanently in the office, while 23% work exclusively smart, and the remaining 22% have a hybrid arrangement, working some days in the office and others working smart. It is inevitable that a Different usage of the car, more economical; 51% of respondents chose a job that gives them the opportunity to work smarter because of rising fuel prices, 18% complain about traffic and commuting time, while 12% choose a smarter job to improve your family life. .

The future is electric, she’s convinced of this Volvo: according to research, more than half of Canadians are considering buying one.Electric car Or Plug-in hybrid As the next vehicle, for a greener future – at least 57% of Quebec’s population say they have been positively influenced by acquaintances who already own electric cars or plug-in hybrids.

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All of this information translates into a strategy that Volvo has already defined for some time: starting 2023Volvo sells in CanadaElectrified or 100% electric models onlyFrom 2030, the Swedish-born company aims to completely abandon endothermic engines and switch to electric only, including mild hybrid models.