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Nicolas Winding Refn against the banners: “They are full and rotting with money and cocaine” | Cinema

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Even if it was in the past Nicolas Winding Refn He collaborated with streaming companies such as Netflix (for the film Copenhagen Cowboy) or Prime Video (for the film Too Old to Die Young) and stated that the Hollywood system was in crisis (here are all the details). From the Venice Film Festival, the famous director launched a campaign of real accusation against companies “Cinema at home”.

Referring to the signs Nicolas Winding Refn During one of the training sessions, he says, they help create something:

It’s incredibly sad and scary because art is basically the only thing, besides sex, water, and happiness, that makes us exist. The signs are full and corrupted with money and cocaine.

Reflecting on his long-standing considerations about the crisis of cinema, the director adds that the audience must also fight for the sanctity of cinematic art, explaining that we must not surrender to artificial intelligence (one of the reasons for the strike of screenwriters and actors). :

Even though I declared it dead a few years ago, it has now become something we have to fight for. Movies in theaters are part of what makes us human and allow us to experience creativity. AI is not an artist. Artificial intelligence is a product.

Finally, he talks about his relationship with cinema and says:

We are the product of our upbringing (…), I grew up in New York. My mother and stepfather were Scandinavian socialists who hated violent American films. I definitely had a rebellious attitude towards my parents’ attitudes, and a film like Suspiria clearly had a huge influence on me. I remember watching it with my mom, because she was so curious to see what I was watching, and she was shocked, which made it even better.

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