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The Italian Hockey League, Varese and Caldaro start with a victory in the semifinals – FISG

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The semi-finals of the Italian Hockey League begin with two very tight matches, promising a show that will likely decide who takes the pass to the final after a very tough series. Meanwhile, Caldaro and Varese continue their respective streaks, but Appiano and Bergin prove they have great expendable qualities.

Caldaro won the first derby 3-1

Certainly a male game, as befits derby and play-offs. In the Oltradige Challenge between Caldaro and Appiano, the Pirates got off to a better start. Several serious conclusions and superiority arrives at 13:59 with Rishanen beating Andergassen 0-1. However, the Luccis are an experienced and calibrated qualifier team, able to get back into the race without losing their heads. After wasting chances to excel in the central half, Caldaro strikes at 35:18 with Vulcan and changes the game’s stalemate, with the hosts pushing the attack. The lead went to Andreas Vinatzer at 49:26, so in the closing stages of the match a 5′ penalty for Critelli opens up the possibilities for Caldaro’s powerful play to close it: Marco Virtala at 58:47 makes a 3-1 superiority that closes the scores.

A goal just under 6′ from the end gives Varese a 3 to 2 advantage over Bergen

Also in Varese it was a great battle with the owners able to better approach the match against the always dangerous Lynx. Franchini opens diagonally at 18:40 in the lead, but Meneghini in the central period at 26:16 impacts the game with the winning hit. Exactly five minutes later, it was Franchini who put the Gialloneri ahead again by deflecting Desautels’ shot 2-1 at the end of the second half. In the third game, the Mastiffs attack their heads down but don’t pass, so two volts with nine from the end to hit with a 2-2 lead but at 54:33 Desautels with personal work score it 3-2. A valuable advantage and he defended it until the end with a score of 1-0 in the series.

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Italian Hockey League – Qualifiers – Semifinals – Best of Five – Match 1 – March 18, 2023

HCMV Varese Hockey – Hockey Pergine Sapiens 3-2 (1-0, 1-1, 1-1)

Goals: 18:40 pm. J. Franchini (M. Desauteles, M. Mazzacane) (2:1), 50:44 J. Foltin (C. Sanvido, D. Becker) (2:2), 54:33 M. Desauteles (M. Mazzacane) (3:2)

HCMV Varese Hockey Formation: Rocco Perla 60:00 (Leonardo Mordente); Lorenzo Piccinelli – Alex Bertin; Andrea Schina – Mathieu Desautelis; Eric Steve Mazagan – Daniel Nicholas Belloni; Felix Garber – Born Sebastian; Alessio Peruzzo – Andrea Vanetti – Marcello Borghi; Marco Emilio Franchini – Francis Derolet – Michael Mazacagne; Tommaso Fabrizio Cordiano – Gianluca Tellaro – Eduardo Raimondi; Pietro Borghi – Daniele Odoni – Riccardo Preveterra; Technician: Claude Davies;

Bergen Sabines hockey formation: Rudi Rigoni 59:22 (Daniel Lino Zanella); Luca Franza – Alex Jumper; Alessandro Ambrosi – Nicola Gizeau; Giovanni Revue – Devon Brayden-Baker; Enrico Petito – Giuseppe Viliotti – Joseph Foltyn; Andrea Meneghini – Connor Roy Sanvido – Francesco Vallors; Damiano Felissati – Dino Andreotti – Mattia Muslin; Luc Marano Art: Andrea Ambrosi;

Penalties: 10-12 (2-2, 4-6, 4-4); Shots: 53-32 (18-8, 17-16, 18-8); Judges: MD Cole, F. Reis (A Reis, G Strazabosco)
; Spectators: 1,105

SV Caltern Caldaro Rothoplas – HC Eppan Appiano ANet 3-1 (0-1, 1-0, 2-0)

Goals: 13:59 e. Raizanin (M. Silva, C. Bono) (0:1), 35:18M Vulcan (M. Virtala) (1:1), 49:26A. Ventzer (S Ventzer). Finnazer) (2:1), 58:47PM. virtala (T. virtala) (3:1, PP1)

SV Kaltern Caldaro rothoblaas formation: Alex Andergassen 60:00 (Daniel Morandell); Michel Volkan – Marco Giuhanni Virtala; Emiliano Valentini – Simon Vinitzer; Alex Obexer – Hannes Ofelmann; Florian Massar – Jonas Schweepfer; Luca di Donna – Timo Sakkari Virtala – Rafael Felderer; Gabriel Vinnatzer – Jonas Oberroch – Andreas Vinnatzer; Franz Ershbammer – Bastian Andrgassen – Michael Felderer; Matthew Hood – Louis Fink – Alex Oberach; Technician: Jan Prochazka.

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HC Eppan Appiano ANet coaching: Alex Paller 59:45 (Mike Renalter); Carmine John Bono – Nicholas-Joseph Pedin; Marco Mattonte – Fabian Spitaler; Stefan Untrainer – Daniel Fabrice; Maximilian Hofer, Maximilian Lanxar – Erno Fabian Reisanen – Moritz Silva; Daniel Erlacher – Matthias Kaslunger – Maximilian von Baer; Simone Critelli – Matthias Oberroch – Riccardo Tombolato; Tobias Engel – Tobias Morandell; Coach: Nico Aremo Martella.

Penalties: 10-19 (2-4, 4-10, 4-5); Shooting: 33-21 (16-10, 9-6, 8-5); Referees: J. Bassani, S. Ricco (F. Fecchio, A. Wiest); Spectators: 530

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Tuesday the second challenge on the slopes of Bergen and Appiano

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