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Discover an incredibly dense planet. “Like iron” »Science news

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The object, an underground planet, is 30 light-years from our location.

It is a planet with truly extreme features that was discovered by a team of experts from the University of Pennsylvania and the German Space Agency (DLR). The planet has a mass slightly less than that of Earth and is more than 30 light-years away from our location, orbiting around Nana Rosa in a 24 hour period. But it is the intensity that has impressed the experts in practice Close to pure iron. Christine Lamm, Szilard Sismadia and colleagues report the discovery and characterization of GJ 367b using the Transiting Exoplanet Reconnaissance (TESS) high-resolution photometry and the radial velocity monitoring of HARPS (High Resolution Radial Velocity Finder).

Space: Discover an incredibly dense planet. “like iron”

The celestial body, small and hot, has been christened as GJ 367b and belongs to a class of things known as “short period planets“Planets that orbit their star at very short distances and orbital periods shorter than a day. All planets belonging to this class have Radius less than two ground radii It has a composition similar to that of our planet, and often contains high concentrations of iron. Due to their size and low mass, these planets are among the most difficult to detect. According to the scholars, GJ 367b It has dimensions equal to about three-fourths of the Earth’s dimensions and a mass equal to one-half. It orbits a red dwarf (type M) that completes the round in 7.7 hours, and has a density similar to iron with a temperature close to that of iron itself. Thanks to the data compiled by scientists, it was discovered that the planet can have a composition with an iron-rich core, not unlike the internal structure of Mercury.

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