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April 2, 1968, 2001 The space saga was released


When it came out over 50 years ago, a few months later Planet of the ApesInput Stanley Kubrick It left science fiction very confusing. Rock HudsonThe person who attended the premiere stated that he did not understand anything. After many years, Arthur C ClarkeThe author of the story on which the film is based commented: “If you understood “2001” completely, we would have failed. “We wanted to raise questions and not provide answers.” The goal was fully achieved: 2001 Space Journey It is the last great sci-fi film before the Moon Landing (1969), and even today it still seems as mysterious and majestic as few others, and it is one of the most studied and interpreted films in the history of modern cinema. The initial scenes with the apes (them again!) evolving and becoming violent, the monolith that watches everything and affects everything, the conflict between HAL 9000 And humans who abandon technology in order to evolve further, the star embryo that closes everything with Strauss's music leaves a sense of wonder like few others. So much so that defining it as a genre film is too simplistic, it would have a major influence on all subsequent science fiction cinema and beyond: more recently, the same Christopher Nolanone of the current directors with real style, would say so Interstellar (2014) is deeply imbued with it.

Curiosity: It is the first film to feature a tablet, 43 years before the release of the iPad. When you say prophetic film.

Another anniversary

  • 1957birth Juliana de Seuan actress I am Kiara and the darkness And bad
  • 1977birth Michael Fassbenderactor 12 years a slave And Inglourious scoundrels
  • 1990He dies Aldo Fabriziactor Rome is an open city And Cops and robbers

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