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Press Release: Online Fax Services Site Gets Canadian Domain -

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A popular online fax comparison site, creates a Canadian domain:, to better serve its Canadian customers., a popular online fax services comparison site, recently acquired the domain to better serve its Canadian based visitors. This new Canadian domain will lead customers directly to the main site, which is enjoying its fifth year in business.

"Over the years, we have experienced stiff competition from many sites which have come and gone," states Titus Hoskins, a former teacher who now runs the web portal. "But our fax site has held firm and we still get thousands of visitors each month, plus hundreds of visitors download our handy online fax guide."

Believe it or not, Internet or online fax is still a relatively new technology to most business owners and workers, especially those who have not embraced our computer driven workplaces. Online fax is a simple form of "cloud computing" where your fax services are outsourced to a third party provider which uses its servers to host and send your faxes.

Potential customers, once they sign up, are given an online account and their own local or toll-free fax number. They can use this number just like they would any other fax number, but the main difference - you can send/receive your faxes through your email system right on your computer. In addition, since it is completely paperless and portable, any mobile device such as a smartphone or netbook, can be used as your fax machine.

Online faxing has become extremely popular mainly because of this total portability or accessibility, your faxes are available anywhere, anytime. Plus, online fax services are much cheaper since you don't need a dedicated fax phone line or even a conventional fax machine for that matter. You will also save on the costs of all those inks, toners and papers.

Canadians can also enjoy the total "ease of use" with these services, online faxing is as easy as sending an email. It also ties in all your faxes with your computers, where they can be simply stored and filed, ready for easy retrieval and access. No more misplaced faxes because you can simply store them online or on your computer.

Overall, online fax services have proven very popular with individuals and business owners for the reasons mentioned above. It is completely portable, paperless, cost-effective and totally accessible no matter where you're located. Plus, it perfectly fits into our computer controlled workplaces and environments.

For more information on Internet Fax Services use this handy online fax Comparison Guide: Or if you want more detailed information on Internet Faxing try here:


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