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The new health portal for science and current events

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FLORENCE, March 22, 2023 – It is New Toscana Medica website (, information and discussion portal for healthcare professionals in Tuscany. Editorial project by Doctors Syndicate and dentists in Florence. A frequently updated site, with contributions from many industry professionals.

Toscana Medica will provide more technical articles related to various health issues: Studies, Research and Clinical Psychology, Bioethics, forensics, clinical risk, even dentistry. Space will be given to health policy analysis. At the same time, contents related to youth, the university, the world of work, local medicine, and problems and perspectives of the national health system will be proposed.

On the site, which will continue to be the institutional body of the Syndicate, informing members of all its activities, doctors will also be able to stay up to date on the life, events and activities of the Florentine Order. They will also have the opportunity to participate and become an active part, writing letters to the journal, with their views, reflections, highlighting critical issues of the system, strengths or results achieved.

We wanted to create a file The place for scientific information Serious, reliable and interesting, which was open and accessible to everyone, doctors and citizens alike – explains Pietro Dattolo, President of the Order of Physicians and Dentists of Florence and its Province. We hope that Toscana Medica will soon become a reference in the sector: from freshmen at university to the most experienced professionals. Staying up-to-date and connected is essential in our world, which is constantly evolving, made up of discoveries and comparisons for ever better treatments.”

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By subscribing to the newsletter, it will be possible to receive all the main proposed news. To visit the website and subscribe to the newsletter: To be constantly updated on the news published by Toscana Medici, you can also join our dedicated Whatsapp group:

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