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My brother my sister where it was filmed Location: the house in reality

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Where My Brother My Sister was filmed, the house where the movie is broadcast on Canale 5 really exists

Filmed in Dream Places Aired Tonight Friday November 25th 2022 on Canale 5 My Brother My Sister 2021 Movie Originally Released on Netflix Starring notable actors such as Claudia Pandolfi and Alessandro Preziosi. The main place where the movie was shot is a real-life house. The film tells the story of two brothers who, after 20 years of disconnected communication, meet again after the death of their father and, out of respect for his wishes, are forced to live together for a year. This is why the location of the captivating hearth where quarrels and showdowns take place is of vital importance to the brother-sister scheme. Therefore, the two will have to find a way to live together and above all to create a balance between their very different lives. As mentioned, the house in which my brother is filmed does indeed exist and, as confirmed by Claudia Pandolfi on Sorrisi e Canzoni TV, is located in Rome, in the famous Monti district, one of the central districts of the capital that contains some of the most important sights of the city such as the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums.

It is not known exactly what the house is, we only know that it is located in the Monti district, but nothing more. The other places in the film with Alessandro Preziosi in the role of a brother who is forced to restore the relationship with his sister are also entirely set in Rome. There is no effective site, or better looking at the beauty of the capital, no city tour. Mio Fratello e Mia Sorella sites approximately in the Monti region between October and November. In those streets full of history, among 19th-century houses and well-kept streets, Alessandro Preziosi goes jogging to reflect on his life. However, it is not specified where the finale of My Brother, My Sister is filmed, the lake scene is deliberately symbolic, representing the transition from cold indifference to new life for the heroes who have rediscovered their origins. The curiosity about the places in the film is connected precisely with the slab of the lake, on the day the clip was shot it was very cold.

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Brother sister plot

Being a movie, My Brother My Sister airs in one evening on Friday November 25, 2022. The movie is 110 minutes long, broadcast starts at around 21:45, therefore, taking into account commercial breaks, it should end around. midnight. The movie can be watched on Canale 5, but also in streaming via the Mediaset Infinity app, which can be used for free upon registration. My Brother My Sister is also available on the Netflix app where it originally appeared.

In the film, as mentioned, the protagonists are Claudia Pandolfi and Alessandro Preziosi, who play respectively the brothers Tesla and Nick. The two have very different lives, Nick lives a carefree life, while Tesla has to take care of two children: Sebastiano, who suffers from schizophrenia, and Carolina, with whom the woman has a very conflicted relationship. Therefore, the two brothers will try in every way to find a balance and in the end they will rediscover a lot about themselves and their relationship. Together with Claudia Pandolfi and Alessandro Preziosi, in the cast of My Sister there is Ludovica Martino, the famous Eva from Skam Italia, a successful Netflix series, in the role of Carolina, and Francesco Cavallo, whom we saw in the Catholic school and who plays Sebastian. Along with Caterina Moreno as Emma and Stella Egito as Giada.

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