October 3, 2023

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European billionaires, in Italy, the oldest morbidly wealthy (but the first two women are only 43 years old) – Corriere.it

In Europe, the new billionaires are under 20 years old. The average age in Italy is 69.7 years. In the ranking are Armani, Del Vecchio, Berlusconi, as well as Marina Caprotti and Simona Giorgetta.

Italy ranks 24th in the ranking GetCash.comwhich analyzes the latest data from Forbes The country was calculated (on average) with the youngest billionaires. Forbes 35th Annual List Of the richest people in the world set an unprecedented record: in 2021 there were 2,755, 660 more than in the previous year. Of these, there were 493 new entries, an average of about once every 17 hours.

Reaching the billionaire status is undoubtedly a rare feat, but reaching it at such a young age is more than that. The youngest is found in Iceland with an average age of 48.5 years. Denmark follows in second place with 49.4 years. Anna Kasprzak (32 years old) is the country’s youngest billionaire, while former president and CEO of Lego group Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (74) and vice president of medical device company Coloplast Niels Peter Louis-Hansen (74) are the oldest. Norway ranks third. The average age of a Swedish billionaire is 52.3 years. The heirs to the Fred AS family, sisters Alexandra (25) and Katharina Andersen (27), are the country’s youngest billionaires.

On the other hand, the average age of Italian billionaires is 69.6 years. Marina Caprotti (at the head of Esselunga) and Simona Giorgetta (granddaughter of the leader of the Mapei group), both at 43 years old are the youngest in the country, while on the other side of the arrangement are the founder and president of Luxottica Leonardo del Vecchio, founder of the Giorgio Armani fashion house, and Luciano Benetton , founder of the homonymous group and Romano Minozzi, president and CEO of Iris Ceramica. All four are 86 years old. Worse than Italy are only Spain (69.8), Austria (70.1), Greece (70.7) and Monaco that occupies the 26th and last place, where the average age of a billionaire is 79.6 years. Famous as a haven for the wealthy, the brothers and famous art nouveau dealers David (73) and Ezra (75) Nehmed are considered the largest billionaires in the country.
To reach this level of wealth, many of them worked hard to realize their dreams. However, he said that some countries achieve this faster than others Bryce Danson from GetCash.com Comment on the search results. The average lifespan of billionaires is much lower in some European countries than in others.

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