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Voice Control for Home Automation: 6 of the Best Commands Out there

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In this article, we will see how smartphone voice control works in relation to home automation and its features. If home automated functions become widespread, in these times, home audio automation is increasingly becoming more and more popular.


Home audio automation allows us to fine-tune everything typical functions subordinate home automation for our home environment in smarter way Possible, talk to the system, address it directly to everyone need to. Moreover, it should be noted that the costs of voice recognition in home automation have already fallen a lot, and this favors its spread.

With voice recognition set, each family member can be enabled to dictate instructions to the system. The turning point was determined by the clever mechanisms that Amazon and Google introduced into the market. But in addition to devices of this type, there are a Factory for home Synthesizes the voice command in electrical impulses. However, let’s get acquainted with the most frequently used functions.

Voice control from a smartphone: 6 home automation instructions and operation

1. Voice instructions on temperature

Voice control from a smartphone: 6 home automation instructions and operation

Through voice instructions about the temperature, we can adjust, even from the comfort of a smartphone, temperature From home, we can also do it at Moment in which We are outside. Perhaps when we just leave the office and want to find a certain temperature in the house to welcome us.

Think the warmer months, where we’d like to find the entire environment adequately air-conditioned, or the cooler months, where we’d like to find a custom warm environment instead. In all of these cases, it would be possible, with a special case Application for smart phones, Normal there temperature By voice command. Remote instructions will be sent to the device that regulates home automation functions, installed in the house, which will properly regulate the temperature.

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2. Voice instructions for humidity rating

Voice control from a smartphone: 6 home automation instructions and operation

With the same kind of thinking, the same system, it would be possible Normal The Humidity rate Inside your home using smartphone voice control in a simple and fast way. Just say a phrase like this “Removes moisture from the house”or Run the dehumidifier To activate the relevant function e Find your home free of moisture (Which, by the way, is very harmful to our health).

3. Activate and disable home appliances

Voice control from a smartphone: 6 home automation instructions and operation

Voice control works remotely also with household appliance, and always with the additional option of smartphone control. Think of the convenience of being able to activate the job as soon as you leave work or the supermarket “Ignition the oven”so as to find dishes that are already reheated and ready to be consumed, for lunch or dinner.

Or let’s think about the case when we just left for the holidays, and there was, for example, forgetting Season The refrigerator. You can assign the relevant vowel and address the situation, as well as, for example, the case related to close For everyone household appliance Maybe he stayed in, or even from the general detachment subordinate Stream. all with touch on the relevant application and order pronounce human voice.

4. Activate the technology that supports Wi-Fi

Voice control from a smartphone: 6 home automation instructions and operation

all technology who supports WIFI It can be activated with the extension order My voice, on distance. In this case, the voice command from the smartphone reaches the selected home automation device, which, in turn, will transmit the impulse to the device for the Wi-Fi network in the house.

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We said that it will be possible to establish a connection to the electrical network of the device in question, converting the voice command into an electrical impulse. Now we can Connection The device to home automation so for WIFI. It does not matter whether it is a single router or a network device to organize access to the local network from multiple connection points.

This connection can be done via wires or via Wi-Fi, and it makes no difference: the command will be transmitted to the destination via Wireless connection. Also think of one printer So connected, that it makes us find this document ready, already printed, when we get home to pick it up specifically. with the Availability From Mechanisms And the Hardware In Wi-Fi connection, the choice of what you want to connect to the network and what should be voice activated will be really wide.

5. Information transmission

Voice control from a smartphone: 6 home automation instructions and operation

What is the means by which information is transmitted? Everything depends on a The operating system iOS or Android, exactly Like smart phones. The device is locally equipped with a small LCD screen that operates with this operating system and allows to set all the required functions. For the same reason, it is possible to install the appropriate software Applicationconnect to the device, as well as manually, even from a smartphone.

6. Simplicity of voice commands

Voice control from a smartphone: 6 home automation instructions and operation

Voice commands are always very simple. This is the case, for example, from “Turn off the light”, “turn on the light”, “turn off the refrigerator”, “turn on the radio, turn on the channel”, “turn on the stereo”, “set the stereo volume to the overall level”. The same goes for TV: “Turn on the TV”, “turn on the TV to channel tot”, “Turn off the TV”, “Set the TV volume to level X”. there simplicity and theinstant Commands make it possible to treat the device as we would someone willing to accept our instructions about it.

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