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She takes a selfie before she dies, a 22-year-old plane crash victim. Image shared on social media: “Hi”

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Selfie taken before death. A 22-year-old girl was killed in a plane crash in Turkey. A few moments before her crash, she posted a photo to her social page, which depicted her with flying headphones on, and the greeting: “Hello.” Porco Saglam, 22, was a esthetician. The 54-year-old single-engine pilot Hakan Koksal, head of the Yunoseli Sports Aviation Association, also died with her.

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the incident

The girl and the pilot took off from Pamukova, Turkey, last Thursday. Delighted with the experience, the 22-year-old posted photos and videos from the cockpit before takeoff. Unfortunately, they turned out to be her last alive photos. The single-engine plane they were traveling in crashed after hitting an electrical cable with its wing. One passenger was killed when the plane caught fire on impact, while the other fell from the plane. The crash was recorded on video. The wreckage was found in a parking lot near the power plant. According to local media, the flight was supposed to be a training course for the 22-year-old.

Investigators are now investigating the cause of the accident. The plane hit electrical wires, resulting in an electric shock of 380,000 volts. Local media reported that the young woman had told her parents that morning that she was leaving home to look for work. They did not know she had boarded the plane until they were notified of her death by the authorities in a phone call.

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