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Press Release: Don Connor Helps Clients With Successful Halifax Business Planning

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Don Connor, one of the leading certified general accounts in Halifax, builds his business not simply preparing taxes and once-a-year financial statements. Instead he spends time with clients to help give them the tools they need to have successful Halifax business planning.

One area Don Connor addresses with his client is the need to consider the “end” of their businesses even when it is just the beginning. According to Connor, one of the realities of many industries is that “you never know when you will have to get rid of your business.”

So, unlike many accountants who focus on the bottom line right now, Connor works with his clients to strategize for successful Halifax business planning that extends into the unknown future.

Don Connor works with his clients to help them focus on a specialty area and provide excellent service to their customers/clients. He also helps them establish guidelines so that no one client accounts for more than 15% of their business. Connor helps clients create a business system that is unique to their company and to create continuing positive cash flow.

Connor also makes sure clients know that a key part of their Halifax business planning must be creating a tracking system that will account for customers from initial contact to completed sale.

To find out more about how Don Connor can assist with your Halifax business planning, visit:

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