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Users interrupt microtransactions by offering credits without playing –

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Gran Turismo 7 Still at the center of the controversy are the players, who in the meantime have also devised rather complex methods to express their opposition and in a certain sense Progress system boycott Practically imposed Accumulate credits without playing.

As reported by VGC, using the . file Remote play is a simple textSome players run the game practically on their own, repeating the same run over and over and getting millions of credits, practically without ever having to touch the console.

Reportedly, this script will allow you to get files 15 million credits a dayor a value of about $120 based on the microtransactions (but not too much “micro”) found in Gran Turismo 7.

It is, in fact, a farming system that is clearly not systematic and can be a bit of a cheat, but it is interesting as a way users are adopting to interrupt the standard progression system that has been significantly modified since patch 1.07.

As mentioned by septomor user in the forum PSN filesthe script runs on a Windows PC using the PlayStation Remote Play app, making regular inputs in order to repeat courses of the same race over and over, thus creating credits without actually playing.

It’s possible that the system will be disabled by Sony somehow with some updates, anyway. Meanwhile, Gran Turismo 7 continues to be bombarded with negative user reviews in the midst of the online and micro-transactions controversy, after a public review of in-game credit collection and a 30-hour offline stay. The game now has an average user rating of less than 2/10.

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