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Football – Stefano Pioli: We lacked clarity due to the excessive desire to win. The derby will be another story

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A hundred days after the 19th Scudetto, it was Milan by Stefano Pioli Back to Mapei Stadium But he failed to achieve success with an extension Sassuolo This, in fact, risks a coup. At 23 ‘Mike Minnan saves his penalty kick Domenico Berardi Giovanni Airoldi awarded her for a double fault Saelemaekers-Florenzi . Couple On Georgios Kyriakopoulos – thus saving Draw 0-0. The match in which Sassuolo plays in a very organized manner and only allows two shots on target to the Rossoneri, snatching a valuable point in terms of standings.

ugly Berardi injuryHe was released in tears and carried by the health staff in Sassuolo after a clash with Theo Hernandez And the physical problemspractically at the end of the race, too Alessandro Florenzi. Mr. Pioli comments on this equality.

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Sassuolo Milan 0-0, Cards Report: Minyan is back ‘Magic’

25 minutes ago

About Mike Minnan

I didn’t know the stats – Which, from 2015 to 2016, had the highest percentage of penalty shootouts (31%, ed.) among all the top five European leagues, ed. -. These are important numbers, but they only confirm the quality, value and strength of our goalkeeper“.

About what was missing with Sassuolo

Certainly there was a lack of clarity, because you should read the situations better, what the discount gives and what does not give you. I think we started very well in the first half, played well, lively, great and found good combinations. But when Sassuolo went down and there was no space, we had a lot of craziness and dribbling and a little bit of quality, especially in the moves. So the game got sloppy and foul and we found a little rhythm. From 70 minutes on we played as if there was a minute left, we made the last pass wrong and it wasn’t very clear. We should have maintained a greater awareness of ourselves and our opponents. We want to win matches but we shouldn’t get lost in the frenzy“.

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On the defensive position of Sassuolo

Atalanta we forced them down because we played well at the start. Until today it was like this. Then when the opponent lowers, the game changes and so does the tactical plot. You have to dribble more, without giving in to a dangerous start like today, and a mature team, like us, must manage these situations better, working with greater quality and better options. Today, a lot of players on the ball were ready to attack depth: 2-3 would suffice, and the other two were supposed to connect the game more with some play between the lines as well because we have the quality to do that. The desire to win, at times, makes you lose a lot of clarity. I didn’t like it as a challenge, because it requires rhythm and instead you keep whistling a lot“.

On De Ketelaere the False Nine

I also tried it for these reasons. I have to start managing the players’ powers. Unfortunately, the unavailability of Origi and Rebic prevented us from making various changes, but Charles De Ketelaere can also make 9“.

In the derby with Inter

The players are already aware of the difficulties we faced today and why we faced: this is important in preparing for the next match. So it’s true that wasting a lot of time analyzing the match that just ended is not my goal, because the derby will be a completely different challenge because Inter has a completely different way of playing. We will have to prepare it from a physical point of view, we will have to recover and prepare it well. We know each other very well with Inter, but the preparation has to be as good as possible. This 0-0 does not affect the derby. The derby is the derby. We know the importance of the game itself, and it does not depend on the arrangement after four days“.


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