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Btp-Bund spread above 200 pips, exchanges in dark red: Milan -2.74%

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Inflation and data from China and the war in Ukraine have a significant impact. Exorbitant price lists from the US to Asia, passing through Europe

European stock exchanges extend their losses in the final, in one wake

Wall Street

Which sees the S&P 500 index at its lowest since April 2021 and the technology price list dropping more than 3 points.


closed at -2.3%,


at -2.75% H


by -2.14%. Area Index

Stokes 600

yields 2%.

Be sure that what matters

Putin’s speech

To celebrate Russia’s victory over the Nazis in World War II, but also rumors about

Possibility of a July interest rate hike by the European Central Bank

. The upward trend in European government bond yields was reinforced, as more bonds of peripheral nations were sold than bonds of core European nations.

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