Home Top News “In Canada I will not lose anything in the world”

“In Canada I will not lose anything in the world”

“In Canada I will not lose anything in the world”

The Englishman assured fans on Instagram that he was in Montreal: “I slept badly, but I think positively, my back hurts, but nothing big”

Except for Canada! The alarm (“Can’t run to Louis Montreal? Definitely yes”) introduced by Toto Wolf in Baghdad on Sunday evening returned within 24 hours. In his profile today, the 7-time world champion explained that he has already recovered: “Hello World – he wrote-. Yesterday it was hard, I had some problems with sleep, but today I woke up positively. My back hurts a bit,” but thankfully nothing was too big for me. . I did acupuncture and physiotherapy with Angela (Cullen, his physiotherapist; Ed) and I go to my team to work with them. We must continue to fight. There is no better time than the present. To be in unity. I will be there this weekend and I will not miss it for anything in the world. Congratulations to all of you on a great day and weekend. “Canada is one of the English’s favorite hunting grounds, last winning the seventh race of the race in 2019, allowing Michael Schumacher to equalize 7. He has won the most in Silverstone and Hungary only: 8 times.

Painful race

At the end of the fourth-place race, after cutting off the positions of Vettel, Alonso and McLarens, the Englishman struggled to get out of his car, and finally, when he got up, he apparently caught on. His back. “It was the most painful and physically necessary race of my life. I was in danger of getting into an accident many times and I prayed that this torture would end soon,” he admitted after the race. After the race, Toto Wolf apologized to him again for handing him a “shit box”, “box of me …” to drive.

Risk of porpoising

The problem that Mercedes cannot solve is porpoiseing, forearm hopping. Already this weekend George Russell raised another controversy, arguing that the Formula One team and Fia would not have wanted a change in the rules to minimize this event and that the season needed to continue this way. Dangerous accidents. “A position that provoked the reaction of the organizers of the World Championship, according to which when there was a problem with the simulations last year, the teams rejected the proposed amendments.


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