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Press Release: Canadian Beverage Supply Offers Products to Make Tropical Drinks

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Beat the winter blues with range of supplies from Canadian Beverage Supply. Press Release (02/03/2014) - This winter has been a tough one throughout North America. With the East Coast of America as well as Canada being slammed with unusually cold weather due to the Polar Vortex and other related weather events, it has been particularly punishing in the late part of December as well as into January. One of the things that happens when the weather is gloomy and frigid is that people develop seasonal depression. Luckily, you don't have to go on vacation somewhere expensive and far away to get the benefits of a tropical retreat.

By visiting, anyone in North America is able to purchase beverage supplies that will help them create tropical-themed drinks that will get them through the dark and cold winter months with a better attitude. Whether you are a homeowner running a bar out of your basement for the enjoyment of family or friends, or an established restaurant that would like to offer your clientele a warm getaway if only for an hour or so, it's important to check the Canadian Beverage Supply website to get information on how to prepare a positively warm experience.

One way to kick the winter blues is to keep a keg of a Caribbean or Mexican beer on tap. Red Stripe and Corona provide two examples of beers that taste delicious and refreshing, making summertime come to your guests' taste buds. With a slice of lime or lemon, these drinks are a perfect option for scaring away the winter blues. Kegs available from Canadian Beverage Supply can keep the beer fresh.

In addition to offering fresh beer on tap, you can also create mixed drinks. Use Canadian Beverage Supply's salt rim and beverage shaker to create perfect margaritas on the rocks, or make your own pina coladas. These poolside favorites benefit from the sweet and savory combination that fruit and salt bring.

There are so many options for making drinks that impress guests and that make sure warmth and sunshine feel present in December, January, February, and beyond. The best part about buying from CBS is that your purchases will be useful in the summer months as well -- when they roll around again, that is. Many of the products you use, if not all of them, will come in handy when the weather heats up once more.

To learn more about purchasing products from CBS, visit

Canadian Beverage Supply Inc.
3495 Laird Rd, Unit 5
Mississauga, ON L5L 5S5
Toll Free: 1.888.303.7707


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