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Bank deposit rates are rising and checking accounts are full

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No more money under the mattress. Now the search for checking accounts that pay cash is even better. In recent years, clients of credit institutions have called for a certain number, that is, zero interest on the amounts left in the bank. But the rush of inflation and recent moves by the European Central Bank, which in September raised benchmark interest rates and thus the cost of money, have changed the landscape. result? Now the amounts deposited in the checking account can yield more than 2%. This is the case in Online Banking who even suggests 2.5% TAR on credited amounts for 12 months.

In short, the current account has (again) become a form of savings investment and a tool for capital protection. For ABI, the . fileItalian Banking AssociationThis is a physiological change after the Eurotower price hike. In June 2021, according to Bank of Italy data, households deposited 1,131 billion in current accounts, an increase of 64 billion from June 2020. In November 2021, private sector deposits increased by 6.2% annually. In all, there are approximately 47.7 million checking account holders in Italy. But if it is true in one sense that they are different Credit institutions that began to compensate deposits againOn the other hand, it must be emphasized that the proposals of the various banks are subject to certain conditions.

Conditions that change from one institution to another and that must be carefully evaluated before choosing the promotion you are aiming for. To join the ING proposal, which is one of the most useful, it is necessary to open a file Free checking account (single or combined) By December 31 And activate it by January 17 (January). Another condition to get At a rate of 2.5% of the total annually Is the activation of the deposit account e Tie the amounts for 12 months Always by January 17th. Obviously, no interest will be recognized on amounts released before the deadline.

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But how do you know the best offer? Let’s start with the basics: interest rate On the current account, it simply refers to the portion represented by the gain recognized by the bank for the deposit. The difference is too Bond Duration. Then, it is also advisable to take into account the advantages that individual banks offer to customers who open an account with them in order to keep management costs low. a jobwhich has made digitization and convenience its strengths since its inception, suggests among others No-fee checking account, free online transfers, and key features at your smartphone’s fingertipsLike the ability to choose a card PIN and hold it temporarily with one click if it isn’t found.

Today, he took the leadHybrid Lifestyle Observatory in Numisma In collaboration with Crif, for 66% of Italians, the most contributing component to increasing satisfaction with their credit institutions is Simple and intuitive management from the current account. Not only that: 68% of Italians who are banked prefer to use it Mobile banking (from a smartphone) Compared to other communication channels with the credit institution: a phenomenon that mainly affects men and young people.

road Digitization In the banking sector, thanks to the pandemic and lockdowns, it seems to be noticeable. This is confirmed by another figure: 45% of Italians who in 2021 reduced or discontinued their actual branch relationship in favor of mobile and home banking compared to 2019. Percentages that rise to 50% and 47% if we consider the age groups between 18 and 29 years old and between 30 and 44 years old.

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