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Men and women, Luca Salatino is the new tronista

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Maria de Filippi suggested to Roberta’s former suitor that he should become the new tronista for men and women.

Luca Salatino is the new men’s and women’s racer. The 29-year-old Roman, Ex-fiancĂ© Roberta Giusti who finished his throne yesterday, will join the most famous red armchair on TV, Mathieu RainierI.

Yesterday, Thursday, December 16, 2021, during the last recording of men and womenAnd Roberta Giusti chose Samuel CarnianiAfter three months of dating. choose from the righteous, which surprised many because she seemed to be more involved Luca. according to what News, right after Roberta’s selection, Maria de Felipe offered the throne to the former suitor, and he accepted it.

The Romanian boxer and chef immediately conquered the editorial staff and the hostess. Despite his difficult past, Luca Show his weakness and open up Roberta expressing his emotions. Despite her participation, tronista’s heart opened to 22-year-old Samuel from Arezzo, leaving many viewers with love in their mouths. But for Luca, a new and exciting path opened: throne of men and women And the possibility of a nice emotional return.

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