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Is it useful or a quintet in the Xbox & Bethesta Showcase? Obsidian and Jays Corden suggest it –

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It seems that obsidian Exists in power inXbox and Bethesda Gallery From 12 June 2022, with a presentation possibly by Recognized or even fiveOne of the ongoing projects in the team according to the reporter jeez cordon Windows Central and especially Josh Sawyer from the team.

As for Jez Corden’s predictions, on the final episode of the podcast The Xbox Two with Rand the Bull, the journalist said he’s pretty sure Avowed will show himself with a gameplay video during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase event on June 12, but there could be more stonewalling. Obsidian too.

So we’re talking about Pentiment, the codename for a project he’s leading Josh Sawyer, a longtime member of Obsidian and formerly of Black Isle Studios. As mentioned earlier, it should be a “non-violent” RPG, focusing on role-playing elements that go beyond at least a significant part of combat and focus above all on adventure and storytelling.

Pentiment, which does not yet have an official name, has so far been the protagonist only of some rumors, but ambiguous information has also been given by the developers: it appears to be a narrative RPG that is organized as a kind of investigative adventure, medieval, near the Disco Elysium as a temple.

To further imply his presence in the event, there is something very mysterious tweet By Josh Sawyer himself, who in recent days responded to an Xbox message that summoned the Next Show event with an emoji that basically says nothing but, in apparent indifference, appears to want to report possible involvement in his project. We’ll see, the date is set for June 12 at 19:00.

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