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Media Release: Cowboy Hat Sheriff Whitewashing Narconon Investigation

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Gary Richardson, Oklahoma Attorney representing several plaintiffs against Narconon Arrowhead et al., expressed his frustration this evening over stalled investigations by Sheriff Joe Kerns.

In an email, Richardson states: "As a former State Prosecutor, Investigator for the State of Oklahoma Insurance Department and former US Attorney, I know an investigation when I see one and what they may have claimed to do in Pittsburg County, whatever that is, is far from what I call an investigation."

By David Edgar Love Media Release - 05/23/2013

Three Narconon Arrowhead patients died while in the center's care. Stacy Murphy, Hillary Holten, and Gabriel Graves, all perished in a nine month span - prompting the Sheriff's investigation back in 2011.

In a KRMG News report, Sheriff Kern said "he's awaiting toxicology reports on all three cases."

Gary Richardson said "to put it mildly, I was shocked to see Pittsburg County Sheriff Kerns on a Fox 23 special doing an interview on Narconon while an investigation is still supposedly on going. That wasn't, however, quite as shocking as what he said -- I recognize a "whitewash" when I see one."

"If they want to "whitewash" these 3 deaths that's one thing, but the audacity of this Sheriff to go public, especially when I take it that he still contends there is an investigation going on" is frustrating Richardson.

Richardson said he "can name a number of folks they either haven't interviewed that has facts" and "based on his 40 years' experience, the Sheriff's office wasn't looking for evidence to find fault."

Gary Richardson is a prominent attorney in Oklahoma and in 1981 was appointed by President Ronald Regan as the United States Attorney. With the reputation of obtaining multi-million dollar verdicts in complicated civil suits, he won the largest recorded jury verdict in a defamation case for an individual in the amount of $58 million.

He summarizes this evenings' email with resolve:

"Representing the families of 3 of the last [Narconon] death cases, I can tell you these deaths have not been investigated by this Sheriff's office. I have talked to too many that have facts that have not been talked to. Thanks Sheriff, but 'WE' will do our own investigation."

David Edgar Love



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Author: Luke Warmwater
May 23, 2013
Cowboy Hat Sheriff
Cowboy Hat Sheriff Joe Kerns is All Hat, no cattle!

Thanks, David Love.

Author: Mary McConnell
May 23, 2013
Cowboy Hat Sheriff
Thanks for this important article!

Author: Mrs Libnish
May 24, 2013
Do your job!
Isn't Sheriff an elected position? Well SHERIFF Kerns, you better get out there and do your damn job.

Author: concerned citizen
May 24, 2013
Cowboy hat sheriff
I heard him say in an interview that every time he goes out there (to Narconon) everything seems to be in that OTHER THAN 3 DEAD PEOPLE? Maybe he should define "in order"

Author: Concerned Citizen2
May 26, 2013
Narconon Arrowhead Investigation
The OSBI may need to step in again. The Sheriff has been snowed by the smooth-talking Gary Smith.

Author: triple_j_the_investigator
Oct 15, 2013
Cowboy Hat Sheriff
The main reason that the Sheriff's Office everything "seems" to be in order is due to the staff members there are trained to make that appearance to the public, whatever form the "public" is who enters.

The reason I say this with authority is that I worked at Arrowhead from 2003-2005 and I know how they work. The fortunate thing is that while I worked there I never had to deal with any deaths, but I still had to deal with drugs and alcohol entering the facility. It was terrible. The staff at Arrowhead never wanted law enforcement there, even though some of us on the security staff had friends who were and are associated with the Sheriff's Office.

Now, before I end this comment, I just want to make it understood that I am no longer a part of Arrowhead, I have never been a drug or alcohol abuser, and I am not, nor ever have been a scientologist.

There's a lot more going on up there than meets the eye, and they (Narconon Staff) want to keep it quiet. If a true investigation is to be made, then the Sheriff's Office will need to bring an "A Game" beyond they have ever brought before.

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