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Sony is also joking about italics with a funny meme

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In the past few days, we haven’t talked about anything but using DiagonalA strange way to talk about young people is spreading thanks to the use of social networks. Consider posting a nice letter about it sony playstation italywho posted his official profile a meme related to Forbidden horizon west.

The image in question has the role of the protagonist aloy In an expression halfway between angry and disbelief with the subtitle When they talk to you in italics. To accompany the meme posted on social networks, we then find this funny message from the Italian Facebook profile on PlayStation:

“On the first ämïo, we actually escaped to the West from the #cursive #HorizonForbiddenWest.”

In short, the Italian headquarters of the video game giant decided to take advantage of the topic’s popularity to joke about it and snatch the smile from all its followers.

Before we leave you with the funny picture posted by Sony PlayStation Italy, we remind you that only a few days ago an update arrived Introduces VRR to Horizon Forbidden West and also enables a new graphics mode.

Did you know this Horizon Forbidden West continues to increase sales in the UK thanks to new stock of PlayStation 5?

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