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Maple syrup has run out in Canada

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AGI – There is no maple syrup in Canada and Quebec maple syrup makers (QMSP) were forced for the first time in three years. Put almost half of the emergency stock in the market, Equivalent to 22 million kilograms. The Strong increase in demand and poor harvest They caused a supply shortage, explaining the so-called “maple syrup OPEC”.

“This is the reason why maple syrup is so inexhaustible that we cannot exist without maple syrup,” said Helem Normand, Qmsp’s communications director.

Quebec produces almost three-quarters of the world’s maple syrup. This year, 60 million kilograms of maple syrup were released from the forests of the Canadian province, producing 83 million kilograms worldwide. To increase production, QMSP expects to plant 7 million more trees next year. Maple juice is extracted directly from the trees and then boiled to concentrate in a syrup.

Harvesting is not only very difficult, but also depends on weather conditions. The juice of the maples can be taken only in the window, which is more frosty during the day and less frosty at night. The short and hot winter of this year has therefore caused a nearly 25% drop in supply.

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