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Sally Kellerman, nurse Margaret ‘boil’ Houlihan died of ‘MASH’ –

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The actress is best known for her role in the Robert Altman movie, which later turned into a hugely successful TV series. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance

Sally Kellerman, actress best known for playing Margaret “boil” Houlihan V cult movie by Robert Altman “M*A*S*H”, died Thursday, February 24 of heart failure at her home in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California. King 84 years. Although he starred in three other films directed by the great American director (1925 – 2006) – the black comedy “Even Birds Kill” (1970), “Protagonists” (1992) and “Brett-a-Porter” (1994) – , to give Fame For Kellerman, it was just like that Character by Major Houlihan,nurse From the army, harassment by doctors little bullies During the Korean War, in Military Comedies”M * A * S * H“.

In the main scene of the movie that’s equivalent too misogyny peakThe tent where Houlihan works Bathing It opens by exposing the flagship to an audience of jubilant men. “This is not a hospital, this is a crazy house!” Houlihan yells at his captain. Nominated movie Five Oscarsgot her nominated as Best Supporting Actress: Nomination only despite the cast that included Robert DuvalAnd the Donald Sutherland And the Elliot Gold. The film will be made into a television series for 11 seasons, starring Loretta Sweet as Kellerman.

After high school at Los Angeles City College, Kellerman enrolled in itactor studio Starring Jeff Corrie and Lee Strasberg, she made her film debut in the 1957 movie “Reform School Girl.” Not distributed In Italy. During the sixties, he worked on television Many TV seriesincluding “Hitchcock Time”, “Cheyenne” and “Star Trek”. In the latter series, he starred in the episode “Beyond the Galaxy” (1966), the first episode to be produced after the pilot episode “Talos Zoo”. The actress played psychiatrist Elizabeth Dehner, the victim of one of them radiation storm that buys them exceptional mental powersbut who eventually surrenders in an attempt to outwit his teammate Mitchell (Gary Lockwood), a commanding lieutenant who is also infected with radiation and out of control.

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Kellerman only returned to the cinema in 1968 with “The Boston Strangler”, in which she played Diane Clooney. The following year he got a minor role in the comedy “I Feel Like Something’s Happening to Me”. there final statement She then came as nurse Margaret Houlihan in “M*A*S*H.” After that, Kellerman’s movie career somehow continued intermittent, albeit with interesting roles as in the comedy “Let’s Love Each Other, Beautiful Ladies – The Last Lovers” (1972) by Jane Sacks. give her 80s Moved to Explanations female characters average age in crisisas in Blake Edwards’ play “So Is Life” (1986).

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