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Nicolas Cage between Ahab and Curtis hunting bison in the Old West

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This Western film directed by Gabe Polsky and starring Fred Hechinger, based on the novel of the same name by writer John Edward Williams, was presented at the Rome Film Festival in the large general section.

in Crossing the Butcher Nicholas Cage Playing the role of a bison hunter, in the west of the 1870’s Obsessed, like Ahab, not with a white whale but with a black tide. a lot of buffalo It was once discovered in an isolated Colorado Valley. He wants to hunt buffaloes, find some adventurous companions, to get the most amount of skins anyone has ever collected.
cagein butcher crossingHe reaches his destination and becomes the victim of his obsession. Peeled off (that is, one time without a wig) like Kurtz From BrandoHe nervously passes his hand over his head and shaves it until it dries.
Given these signs, it would be easy to imagine him in one of his famous and beloved hallucinogenic and luciferous interpretations: but no. Always stay calm, as much as you like cage It can be quiet. Between the lines if you like.

here you are. It seems to me that this caption also reflects the tone of this film that marks the beginning of the famous documentary filmmaker Gabe Polskyfor example red penguinin fictional cinema. Because that’s from Polski The West constantly flirts with hallucinations, disease, oppressive atmospheres, and abstraction, but who has the desire (or perhaps the courage?) to embrace this nature for its severe consequences. Seeing him, even if he didn’t have much to do with him, I thought of him as a director like Nicholas Winding RefnThe Refn From banquet hall heightAbove all, he was going to work on certain topics and certain sensibilities.

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There is Ahab and there is Ishmael. Or if you prefer, if there’s a Kurtz, there’s also Willard.
is a character Fred HechingerThe young man who left Harvard and a life of serenity to learn the limits of his country and the West and also knows the limits of humanity. him and others.
With these two heroes, an elderly person also appears cagea professional skinny of questionable morals.
But interpersonal relationships, or personal clashes, in butcher crossingThey are not at the center of the story. At most, they are a useful scheme that fills in the blanks, silence, and repetition.
In essence, in Butcher’s Crossing, the obsession with the character of Cage. The obsession we already know will lead to some form of disaster.
And again, disaster is not so much personal or psychological as it is metaphorical.
Because the problem with Butcher’s Crossing, which is based on John Williams’ novel “Stoner” of the same name, is that it’s a thesis movie. A treatise unconcerned with meaningless characters but concerning, in times of political correctness and wokeness Insist on the disasters that are faced before Market (What’s hard to resist, as he sang Baosteel) on the one hand, andanimal On the other hand.

At the end of a hunting trip that took much longer than anticipated, with deadly and/or dramatic repercussions, the game’s protagonists will in fact discover that the price of buffalo skins has collapsed. and that the devastating slaughter of animals they perpetrated was futile.
in butcher crossingShot in reserve black feet Where an attempt has been made to repopulate herds of American bison, there is no shortage of definitive signs telling of the dire consequences that the hunt for buffalo, today’s “national mammal” of the United States, has had.
So, there is also National Geographic.

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