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Press Release: Head and Neck Lymphedema is Common; Help is Available

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Lymphedema of the head, neck and face is more common than you might think.

If you do any research on head and neck lymphedema following cancer-related surgery you may come across this statement;

“...approximately half of patients treated for head and neck cancer develop lymphedema.” (

Lymphedema is a chronic, incurable swelling condition that requires lifelong management.

Even postsurgical swelling following cosmetic procedures can take months to resolve.

Once swelling develops, what resources are available to the patient?

Lymphedema Depot is proud to carry the Solaris line of custom-made Tribute lymphedema garments. These therapeutic garments can be tailored to help resolve chronic or acute edema in the head neck and face regions. These garments are comfortable and work while you sleep to soften and reduce swelling. These Tribute garments are available in several styles including a neck piece, a facial garment and an eye mask for addressing swelling around the eyes. On the facial or neck garments allowances can be made to accommodate a tracheotomy .

While comfortable and relatively simple, the Solaris Tribute garments are the most advanced garment-based therapy available for head, neck and face edema or lymphedema. Chipped foam sewn into quilted channels gently sinks in to the proteins and fluid that make up the swelling, breaking down fibrosis and guiding fluid away from saturated areas. The custom manufacture of each garment insures a comfortable and effective fit.

These garments are also adjustable to help manage fluctuations and reductions in swelling without the need for a new garment. They can be worn comfortably overnight while sleeping. And because each one is measured to the patient’s exact measurements, the fit is custom and comfortable.

For more information about Solaris head, neck and facial Tribute units available through Lymphedema Depot, see our website at and look under Tribute to see the head neck and face garments.

For more information, contact Lymphedema depot at


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