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PlayStation controls more than double the Xbox market, Activision’s takeover is right –

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topics for The acquisition of Activision Blizzard From Microsoft continues, and as Bloomberg pointed out, Brad Smith — President and VC for Microsoft — said so PlayStation dominates A market share more than double that of Xbox. For this reason, the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is just right.

Specifically, during a meeting with investors, claimed Brad SmithThe FTC case is based on a market defined by two companies and producers, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. If you think about the global market, Sony has 70% of the market and we have 30%. So the first thing is what the judge will have to decide if it’s a lawsuit. The FTC is an issue that will promote competition or an issue that will protect the larger competitor from competition.”

clearly These numbers are indicative onlybecause if taken literally, it would exclude the rest of the gaming market, including Nintendo which is currently the company that sells the most consoles.

PlayStation continues to dominate according to Xbox

Smith also spoke about Number of exclusive games published by PlayStation compared to Xbox. Citing 286 PlayStation exclusives versus 59 for Xbox, Smith says he doesn’t think the jump from 59 to 60 is a competition risk.

“So the administrative judge will have to decide whether passing from 59 to 60 is such a risk to competition as preventing the project from progressing,” he said. Smith.

Microsoft also accused the Federal Trade Commission of ignoring Call of Duty proposals.

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