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Ukraine, live coverage – BBC: “Russia builds military base in Mariupol”. Kyiv: “The area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Zaporizhia power plant was bombed all night”

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BBC: Russia is building a military base in Mariupol

Russia is bolstering its military presence in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, which has been captured in recent months, by building a large military base. This is shown by satellite images released by Earth observation company Maxar and published by the BBC. The photos show a new U-shaped complex near the city center. On the roof you can see the red, white and blue star of the Russian army, in letters the inscription is written: “From the Russian army to the people of Mariupol.” Moscow’s forces besieged Mariupol for nearly three months earlier this year, leaving the city largely in ruins. Ukrainian officials estimated last month that about 25,000 civilians were killed in the attacks, while the United Nations confirmed 1,348 civilians were killed, but said the true death toll “may be higher in the thousands”. Ukrainian officials estimate that up to 90% of the city’s infrastructure was left in ruins after the Russian bombing, and new satellite imagery indicates that Moscow has begun demolishing many apartment buildings that are left uninhabitable and beyond repair.
The Ukrainian city is of strategic importance to Moscow, being part of the “land bridge” connecting Russia with the annexed Crimea.

Peskov: Putin will visit Donbass at the right time

Vladimir Putin will visit Donbass “at the right time”. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, according to TASS reports.

Kyiv: “The Russians bombed the Kherson Cancer Center”

The Russian army bombed the southern Kherson region 28 times in 24 hours and hit the oncology clinic: announced the head of the regional military administration Yaroslav Yanushevich, citing Ukrinform. The Russian occupiers attacked the Kherson region 28 times. Peaceful settlements were again exposed to enemy fire. “They bombed the cancer center, the city’s residential buildings, and civilian infrastructure,” Janosevic said.

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Kyiv: “The railway network used by the Russians in Luhansk was sabotaged”

The automatic control system of the Lugansk-Lantrativka railway used by the Russian army for military procurement was sabotaged: “In the next two or three weeks, the Russian occupiers will face a huge delay in the delivery of military equipment to Lugansk because one of them gave the head of the regional military administration Sergei Gaidai. According to an assessment Experts, the destruction of the system will lead to the transition to the “manual mode” of the railway connection, Gaidai notes, and as a result, it will be impossible to deliver military goods to the outposts of the Russian occupiers on time.

UN Commission of Inquiry: “The devastating impact of war on children”

there United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry For the investigation of Russian war crimes mentioned it The impact of the war on Ukrainian children has been devastating He emphasized the ever-increasing threats to the rights and lives of minors. At the end of the investigation, the UN panel, composed of Eric Mies from Norway, Yasminka Dzumhur from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Pablo de Greve from Colombia, highlighted that the destruction of schools affects the availability of education, including in the unemployed areas of the Kharkiv and Kherson regions. .

The experts also highlighted the damage caused by the destruction of civilian infrastructure, energy and transportation networks, recalling that civilian infrastructure is protected under international humanitarian law and therefore “intend to study the matter in detail” and submit a report to the Human Rights Council. Rights in March next year. “In accordance with our mandate, we will continue to investigate violations of human rights and international humanitarian law and related crimes and, where possible, We will try to identify the culpritsCommittee members said. According to the United Nations, 6,557 civilians were killed and 10,074 injured as a result of Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine, though the real numbers are likely higher due to restrictions on access to combat zones.

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Pope Francis: “Facilitating the arrival of humanitarian aid”

The dad It mentions “the suffering of all women and men with disabilities who live in conditions of war, or those who find themselves disabled by the fighting.” In a message marking International Disability Day, he thinks of displaced people in Ukraine who cannot flee because of disability: “How many people — in Ukraine and in other theaters of war — are still imprisoned in places where fighting is going on and don’t even have the possibility of escaping? Special attention should be paid to them By every means facilitate their access to humanitarian aid“.

Moscow’s response: Our oil is a demand despite the price ceiling.

Despite the agreement of the United States with its partners on Russian oil price ceilingWe are sure that our crude oil will continue to be in demand ”: this is what the Russian Embassy in the United States writes on Telegram. We have noted the arrogant claims of the American administration regarding the agreement with its partners on the notorious Russian oil price ceiling. Strategists in Washington, who hide behind the lofty slogans of ensuring energy security for developing countries, maintain a wall of silence that the current imbalances in energy markets stem from their ill-conceived actions. First of all, impose sanctions on Russia and ban the import of energy from our country,” the post reads. It was introduced for political reasons.

“The Russian economy will be destroyed because of the ceiling in oil prices”

The Russian economy “will be destroyedFrom the imminent introduction of its oil price cap 60 dollars per barrel, after the agreement signed by the European Union, the Group of Seven and Australia: This was announced by the Ukrainian presidency. “We will still reach our goal, and the Russian economy will be destroyed, and it will pay and be responsible for everything it has.” “Nevertheless, we had to lower (the price limit) to $30 in order to destroy it faster,” explained the Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Presidency, Andriy Yermak.

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British Intelligence: “The Russians want to surround Bakhmut”

Now the plan of the Russian army is encirclement of the city of Bakhmut, In Donetsk Oblast, continue to invest a significant portion of the overall military effort and firepower along a roughly 15-kilometre sector of the front line. And British Ministry of Defense intelligence wrote it on Twitter in the daily update of the situation in Ukraine.
Russia may have accomplished in the last days Little progress on the southern axis, seeking to consolidate the limited bridgeheads west of the swampy terrain around the Pakhmutka River. Russia has prioritized Bakhmut as its main offensive effort since early August 2022. Capturing the city would have limited operational value, though it would likely allow Moscow’s forces to threaten the larger urban areas of Kramatorsk and Sloviansk. However, the campaign was disproportionately expensive. Compared to these potential successes – the report analyzes – there is a realistic possibility that the capture of Bakhmut became above all a symbolic and political goal for Russia.

443 children have been killed since the beginning of the war

rose to 443 The number of children killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the war, More than 852 wounded: Report of the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office, as reported ukrinform. “On the morning of December 3, more than 1,295 children were affected in Ukraine as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. According to official information from the Juvenile Prosecution Office, 443 children were killed and more than 852 were injured.

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