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Press Release: DYSCAN - Developing a high performance, low cost tabletop 3D scanner

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A team from Baltimore, MD is developing a high performance sub $1k tabletop 3D scanner codenamed DYSCAN for home and office use to be ready in Q3 of 2015. The campaign aims to validate the market and test crowd funding for the project. Press Release (01/12/2015) Baltimore, MD - Advancements in material science and manufacturing technology increasingly make what was unthinkable yesterday possible today.

The wave of popularity carrying a multitude of 3D modeling and manufacturing devices appears biased toward output - with a main focus on 3D printers using various technologies to achieve a range of performance capabilities and suitable to equally wide array of applications. To feed data to such 3D printers however, one needs to create and manipulate a virtual 3D model first - and the process of creating and manipulating 3D models takes time and usually, special knowledge and skill.

The ability to "import" real life objects into the virtual 3D space would shorten the process of 3D model creation, giving designers a flying start in the race to creating the next killer design. Commonly, we use 3D scanners for that purpose that come in a variety of formats, capability and hefty 4 and 5-digit price points.

Since April 2014, a team from Baltimore, MD-based DYSE Corp. has been developing a new breed of 3D scanner targeting the home and office user. Code named DYSCAN, the device is designed for desktop use, and while it delivers industrial strength precision of about 0.25mm, is projected to retail for less than $900.

Simple and elegant, yet robust design makes the new scanner easy to manufacture and ship, as well as easy to use. It can be used to create virtual 3D models of objects up to 8.5" in any dimension, and, when so configured may be used for facial scans as well. The scanner will create 3D models of the scanned objects in industry standard file formats on the end user's computer.

For details and specifications, visit

The team plans several versions, varying in size and sensor capability, to cater to different applications. To gauge market sentiment, the team opted for a crowd funding exercise, with a fundraising campaign on After a procedural delay of several months, the campaign was launched on January 6, 2015 - for more, visit the campaign page at

The company anticipates the campaign will attract enough interest to warrant manufacturing of limited series of units, to be completed by Q3 2015. Post Q3 production is yet to be planned and will be defined by the size of overall demand.

Said Dimiter Yordanov, team leader; "Our ability to make something is not a reason to actually make it. We need to determine how the market accepts this design and format before making it available for purchase.."

About DYSE Corp.:

Founded in 1998, the company implements a B2B model and develops hardware and software solutions to increase productivity and lower the cost of running business. Throughout the years the company's focus has shifted little, this is its first project aiming to deliver a product to individual end users.


Dimiter Yordanov, Team Leader
(+1) 765-463-5199
(+1) 613-686-5810



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